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Dragons and Dungeons Special Part 4 - Words hurt, but not as much as an ork and a halfling

November 25, 2020


You know the score - if you haven't listened to the other episodes then whiz back and give them a schwiz. It will all make much more sense. Here's:

Part 1

Part 2

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Join our merry band as they conclude their fangrobulous premier adventure:

  • Jamie - Our noble GM and high quality prop photoshopper
  • Tony - Dwarf Rogue Caskell Marwen, the aunty in sensible shoes
  • (Emma) Bailey - Half Ork Barbarian Bailinator Jones, so full of rage she might need a little sleep
  • Ben - Forquare Quendian, the Halfling Wizard, tiny psycopath and concealer of cages
  • Mike - Human Bard Clam Strumlington, master of genital insults

Will they find Pilchard Pete? Who's doing that horrid chanting? Aren't tombs supposed to have dead bodies in them someplace? If you're any way intrigued by those questions then give this sweet mess a listen. Also if you want to play along with the puzzle, you'll find the following visual aids tres useful:




(you can click the images to view them at full size)

We hope you enjoyed this brief departure from our normal format. Normal service will be resumed next week...until our Christmas specials :D

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(By the way - we recorded this miniseries in two monster recording sessions. We've broken them in to smaller chunks to keep it all sensible and listenable. This is first part of the second recording, which clocked in at just shy of three and a half hours 0_0.)