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Dragons and Dungeons Special Part 1 - A Criminal Intro

November 15, 2020

Iiiit's Part 1 of our Dungeons and Dragons Special!

We've been making escape rooms for over two years now, so we jumped at the opportunity when the lovely Jamie Gibbs from the Armchair Escapist offered to give us a fortnight off to play a short escaperoom adjacent D&D campaign, with puzzles, goblin abductions, and nice bread.

So join...

  • Jamie - Our noble GM and master of a thousand rustic voices
  • Tony - Experienced D&D player, consumer of birthday beer, and the Masonry obsessed Dwarf Rogue Caskell Marwen
  • (Emma) Bailey - D&D newbie, baker of banana bread, and the faces to the wall half ork Barbarian Bailinator Jones
  • Ben - D&D newbie, awful punsmith, and Forquare Quendian, the Halfling Wizard
  • Mike - D&D agnostic, hungover, and the dinner and dicking focused Bard, Clam Strumlington we find ourselves trapped in this new world, slammed in to new personalities, and attempting to escape the crazy fantasy world. Oh yeah and don't worry - there's still a good old escape room puzzle in there you lucky folk.

Here's the resource you'll need by the way for the puzzle...

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(By the way - we recorded this miniseries in two monster recording sessions. We're going to break them in to smaller chunks for the episodes themselves to keep it all sensible and listenable. So Part 1 is the first half of the first recording, and Part 2 will be published a few days later. Due to the length of the recordings, we've not been able to give these quite as much attention to detail as we'd normally try to, so do please forgive us if you hear any unedited farts.)