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Dragons and Dungeons Special Part 3 - The Rat and the Pilchard

November 22, 2020


If you haven't listened to Parts 1&2 then slow down cowboy! Give them a listen first and this whole crazy kahoot will make sense.

Last time we found ourselves murdering the local wildlife in search of Pilchard Pete, with a tame goblin in tow. Rejoin us as we stand at the entrance to some sort of deliniated tomb, with:

  • Jamie - Our noble GM and goblin impersonator
  • Tony - Dwarf Rogue Caskell Marwen, cockney flower
  • (Emma) Bailey - Half Ork Barbarian Bailinator Jones, the boss of cross
  • Ben - Forquare Quendian, the Halfling Wizard, and vermin conjourer
  • Mike - Human Bard Clam Strumlington, the chocolate teapot of the party.

Why not cast your eyes over this mysterious puzzle component as well...


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(By the way - we recorded this miniseries in two monster recording sessions. We've broken them in to smaller chunks to keep it all sensible and listenable. This is first part of the second recording, which clocked in at just shy of three and a half hours 0_0.)