The Infinite Escape Room

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Who are we?

March 9, 2020

The Producers



Came up with the idea for the show while pooping, and started The Infinite Escape Room in 2018.

Designs learning for a living. Loves an escape room, a beer and a podcast. The few hours each week Mike isn't working, editing or pooping are spent cooking, playing vidjagames and trying to keep his creaking body fit.

Also produces the Pedagodzilla Podcast which tries to understand the science of learning and teaching through the lens of pop culture.



An escape room virgin when TIER started. But no longer! When not escaping or creating escape rooms, Ben works with servers and with open source software.

He enjoys copious amounts of tea and is a lover of puns, dad jokes, dark beers and technofaff.

Has an adorable doggie, Bertie the basset hound.




Joined the production team in 2020. Professional actor, computer parts dealer, father, and seven feet tall. He'd be the complete package if he could only grow a beard.

Jon loves fine food, strategy games, and coffee strong enough to permanently imprint caffeine in your bones.

He also has the darkest sense of humour on the podcast, which is saying something.




Formally joined the production team in 2021, after years of basically being on the production team anyway because he contributed to the project so much.

Jamie is a professional writer, father, prolific puzzle creator, and runs the premiere South Wales escape room review site and blog - Armchair Escapist.

Most of his core memories involve movies from the 80's.



The Geographically Diverse Chums


Developer of IT and maker of small robots. Loves a raspberry pi project and a game of molocky. Hairy.


IT hard-man and owner of the only darker sense of humour than Jon. Can drink wine like vimto.


Polymath artist and creator of our album art and logos. Likes a San Miguel and a cosy board game.


Also known as Emma, loves wine and the opportunity to be an ork who is meeting the pork.


The mayor of Sheffield and lover of burritos. Can recite every line of dialogue from every Star Trek episode ever.


Blond haired blue eyed adonis. Built like a mountain but with the voice of a poet. Coined the phrase 'an immodium an hour gives me plenty of power'.


Artist and arch storyteller. Loves some grimdark and a well themed board game.


Bubbly sprite with the power of flight, which is good because she's quite short and it helps with things on high shelves.


Merthyr girl through and through. Will drink you under the table and then steal the table.

Mike H

Builds robots for a living. Like proper robots. Also an artist, maker of 3d things, and cat owner.


Never more than two pints away from arrest for indecent exposure.


Our Jiminy Cricket for the show, who has stopped us (Jon) being internet cancelled more than once.