The Infinite Escape Room

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Who are we?

March 9, 2020

We're a group of geographically diverse chums from around the UK!




Came up with the idea for the show while on the toilet, and tries to keep the humor there. Has been producing and wrangling the show with Ben since 2018.

Loves an escape room, a beer and a podcast. The few hours each week Mike isn't working, editing or pooping are spent cooking, playing vidjagames and trying to keep his creaking body fit.

Also produces the Pedagodzilla Podcast which tries to understand the science of learning and teaching through the lens of pop culture.



Ben was an escape room virgin when TIER started. But no longer!

When not escaping or creating escape rooms, Ben works with servers and with open source software.

He enjoys copious amounts of tea and is a lover of puns, dad jokes, dark beers an—how many characters do I have left? Oh bu