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Escape the 100th Episode

To celebrate our 100th episode, Aled, Ben, Chris, Jon, and Mike take up the original format to bring you five celebratory puzzles.

How many of our gang copied puzzle from the back catalogue?

Who will turn a childhood game into a nightmare?

Why was there almost no cake?

Tune into to find out!


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Escape the Clock

This week Aled, Ben, and Tony find themselves in Chris' puzzling clockwork room.

Will our puzzlers get lost in time forever?  Or will they make time stand still?

Tune in to find out in the episode dubbed "The one that almost got canned"!  *

* Why?  Because:

  • Aled was asleep and we had to call him to get him on the recording
  • Tony's internet failed half an hour before recording, so we communicated with him over the phone
  • Chris has a new microphone setup which generated some buzzing (but he managed to solve it)
  • And lastly, when Aled hit record there was nothing showing on his recorder - then there was!  But in post we found that there was a terrible hiss on his track - Mike and I have cleaned it up as best we could.

Billy Bonus! Reviewing The Escape Game Unlocked - Volume 1: Chasing Hahn

Cheeky bonus episode! Boom! We got sent a digital escape game to review - so we did! We recorded this right after we'd finished the room, and rather enjoyed our first ever lockdown digital escape room. There's also a giveaway at the end for a lucky listener to have a bash themselves, courtesy of

NB: No brown paper envelope full of money changed hands, just Val being sweet enough to send us the codes.

NBB: Cherry bakewells are delicious but probably not the ideal metric for scoring escape rooms...because Ben and I don't want to share them.


Escape the archaeology dig!

This week, Mike, Katie and Danny escape from Jamie's fiendishly well informed archaeology dig!

Will they uncover lost roman treasures, or spend an alarming amount of the episode talking about poo?

Tune in to find out! In the meantime, here's some cheeky clues to get your whistles wet...

 31a74479-bf1d-4ff7-8e4f-81a1fb75d7a4.jpg note.jpg

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The Lighthouse

This week Mike, Ben, Alan and special guest Errol find themselves trapped in a lonely lighthouse, with nothing but wine and wits to save them from a spooksome demise.

Will they figure out the ballad of Sharon the Shmuggler?

Will they break the curse of the Fresnel lens?

Will we discover how to make a shadow puppet narwhal?

Will they forget to solve the mystery of what happened to the lighthouse keeper?

Tune in! Find out!

If you'd like to hear more of Errol's dulcet tones, you can find him over at the Room Escape Divas podcast, and for pudding baffle yourself with the excellent Cryptex hunt.

By the way, we're now on Patreon! Why not check out our different TIER Tier rewards, and chuck us a squid if you like the podcast. You can also let us know what you think of the podcast, and where you'd like us to escape next via the Twitters, or at Facebook.

Ecape the Infinite Wine Cellar

This week Tony takes Danny, Sam, and Ben into one of The Infinite Escape rooms many wine cellars!

What carnage will they make of wine names?

Will we find a more exotic phrase for the common "ingénue"?

And what do you call a microwave that doesn't heat things!?

As ever, Tune In to Find Out!


P.S. You may find the following wine list of use if you're playing along at home!


Escape the Infinite Lobbies

This week, Alan, Aled, and Bailey try to solve Ben's puzzles in a never ending chain of lobbies!  Well, it does end, that's how we've brought the episode to you!

Does Bailey work out how to pull a fisherman's finger?

Will Aled work out how to use the key?

And what will Alan's rummaging find?

Tune In and Find Out in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

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P.P.S. You might like to take a look at they key Aled and the gang puzzled over: alphakey_b.jpg

The Gavin Saga Finale - Like a Bun out of Hell

Bam! It's the last episode of the Gavin Saga! And boy oh boy is it a cracker! It's also an accidental Easter - yippee!

Tune in to find out how the gang handles big organs, divine the future, and foil the machinations of Rabbit Satan!

It's also the end of our new format pilot! We've had a blast with it, so we'll be sticking with it for the forseeable! We'll do a little retrospective on it soon so stay tuned for that.

Let us know what you've thought of the Gavin Saga, and our new format, on Facebook or Twitter (@TIER_podcast) :)

Also here's the picture we mention in the episode, it's really handy if you need to know the anatomy of a demonic bunny:

The Gavin Saga Episode 5 - The Wishing Well

This week Mike, Bailey, Alan find themselves stuck down Dom's broken wishing well!

Will Bailey solve a hard puzzle really quickly?

Will Mike then convince her she's wrong because of patriarchy?

Will Alan wish he'd got his wish in earlier?

Will everyone be shaking tiny bones out of their clothes for weeks?

Tune in! Find out! Also play along at home with this nifty mosaic:


The Gavin Saga Episode 4 - The Trenches of WW1

This week Mike, Sam, and Ben are escaping Jon's puzzle based in the trenches of WW1 - don't worry, they're on the "good" side!

What becomes of their commanding officer?

How will they get their orders?

Who is Mustapha Kunt!?

To listen to our brave escapologists on their fourth instalment, Tune in to The Infinite Escape Room!


You'll be wanting this letter to help you follow along!

My Dear Reggie...


The Gavin Saga Episode 3 - Survival Town

This week Aled, Bailey, and Chris are escaping Ben's puzzle based in a house in Survival Town during the 1955 "Operation Teapot".

What crazy transition will be concocted from the last puzzle?

Will our intrepid escapees figure out where they are?

And Gavin!?  What about Gavin!?

Tune In!  Find Out!

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The Gavin Saga Episode 2 - Dino Safari

This week, Mike, Sam and Aled are escaping from Tony's fiendishly well researched and non-copyright infringing dino safari park!

Will coleslaw appease the three-horned-good-boys?

Will maths fox three 'adults'

Are spinosaurus horrifying?

Tune in! Find out!

Also we talk about fundraising for NKH in this episode through the medium of chicken nuggets and ultramarathons. If you'd like to put some dolla towards the cause (and by golly you'd be one cool cat if you did) then head on over to the JustGiving page for Team Mikaere / Joseph's Goal.

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The Gavin Saga Episode 1 - Thunderbirds are Go

Shiggedy whatnow? We're trying out a crazy new format in a six part miniseries! For the next six episodes we'll be presenting a nifty all-in-one room, each of which will join to the next with freaky story stuff! Will it work? Lord knows 0_0

Join Mike, Ben, Jon and Aled as they start their finite adventure in the belly of Gerry Anderson's masterpiece - Thunderbird 2.

Will they knacker the second most useless thunderbird?

Will they forget how 3D space works?

Will anyone remember Fireball XL5?!


Engage your earholes, and find out!

Also let us know what you think of this experimental format via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.

Investigating the maintenance tunnels

Oh sod, it looks like the Infinite Escape Room has gone and broken. Probably some sort of infinite GM resetting the wrong arduino, or some cack handed player breaking a lock.

Fortunately, Danny has a cheeky all in one escape experience for us, taking us through the incredibly meta tunnels of the Infinite Escape Room's maintenance ducts!

Will Mike marvel at the bum noise button?

Will Ben dispense train facts?

Will Katie's bottomless laugh find itself in peril?

Has Danny clearly listened to more past episodes than we expected?

Ha spoilers yes.

Escape the Newsagents

This week, Jon, Mike, and Ben find themselves in a classic British newsagents.

Will Ben find a use for that plunger?

Will Jon's extensive knowledge of smutty mags aid in their escape?

And does Mike win a dream holiday for seven to Bognor Regis on the scratch cards?

Tune your wirelessly connected podcasting machines in to find out!

Escape the Impeachment!

No star spangled flags were harmed in the recording of this episode.

It's a cheeky all in one listener request! Can Danny, Jon, Bailey and Alan escape Donald Trump's impeachment, and in turn The Oval Office?

Well we know at least one of those people got away with it, cos the bugger was acquitted a day before we recorded! Blinking fliperooni

Features hitherto unknown levels of fuff, tuff and toss in a not quite circular room. Also features West Country Trump:


If you've got a belting idea then hit us up via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.


Escape the Cinema

This week Katie, Mike, and Ben explore a quaint family run cinema only to find they are trapped inside!

Will Ben's knowledge of ice cream companies come to the rescue?

Will Katie be able to crank out some focus?

What will Mike find with a UV torch in the screening room?

Find out and learn much more in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Waft away from the Hot Air Balloon

This week, Laura, Anna and Mike escape from Dom's fiendish hot air balloon. Maybe they'll learn a some handy facts about them along the way, who can tell?

Maybe they'll stay on the balloon, and leave this cursed, doomed little island filled with wretchedness, drifting out to somewhere nice and Scandinavian? 

Assuming we haven't been rounded up by the Daily Mail's self appointed 'patriotic patrols' for eating pesto, you can Holla at us on the facebooks, or via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.

Escape the Royal Family

This week Aled, Jamie and Benhave had enough of pomp and circumstance and want to run away from their royal duties!

Will Ben and Jamie ever get to Lidl's?

What pictorial puzzlements awaita Aled and Ben in the gallery?

And will sticky end will become of Jamie and Aled?

Tune in to find out!

Jumping January - Get out of the Gym!

This week Mike, Danny and Chris find thier wretched flabby frames flobbing in to the gym.

Will they be audibly swole?

Can they spin it to win it?

How do you cancel Audible membership?

Join us you hugsome lovesome folks, and find out!