The Infinite Escape Room

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Holy Batcave Batman!

This week, Mike, Laura, Anna and Dom find themselves imprisoned by that rich lunatic, Bruce Wayne! And his mystery mate Batman.

Will Alfred be cockney, posh or toned from picking up towels?

Will a heavily trademarked character or villain appear to enrich everyone's day with their distinct intellectual property?

Will Warner Brothers be in contact shortly with a takedown request? Oh cripes please don't sue us WB - we cool yeah?

Hopefully not, but just in case enjoy it while you can!

The Market Stalls

Apologies that the audio is a bit funny for this one! We had a little problem with the processing!

This week Aled, Ben, and Mike find themselves in an indoor market.

What will they find rummaging around the bits and bobs stall?

Will Ben and Aled figure out the mysterious of the meat counter?

What exactly is herringbone!?

Find out in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Hangover Breakfast Buffet

This week, Mike, Emma, Laura and Alan try to escape from a continental breakfast buffet before their own breakfast escapes from them via their mouths and vom.

Will they escape before Emma finishes evacuating the rest of the previous evening from her digestive system?

Will Alan finish drawing his puzzle in the time it takes to clear the plates away?

Will Laura give subtle signs she'd like some more toast?

Will Mike do a really beery fart half way through but somehow get away with it?


This was recorded on our dinner table, so if you hear funny sounds it's us greedily hoovering up pastry crumbs and glugging lovely soft drinks. It's definitely not anyone having a bloody good fidget under the table.

Excitement in a Student Fridge

This week, Mike, Ben, Aled and Chris find themselves in their most gruesome escape room yet - the fridge in a student flat!

*Insert DUN DUN DUUUUUUN sounds*

Will they work out what the foreign student has mouldering in the salad drawer?

Will Chris get away with his puzzle without someone eating all of the components?

Will Ben wish that his puzzle had come a little bit before everyone got really sleepy?


Also big thanks to @MKGeekNight for letting us do a 1 minute wonder pitch (with no prep! We got press ganged by Silverstone!) at their latest event in the MK Gallery. They're a swell event with great speakers, great beer and bountiful pizza - and well worth your time 

Exit the Fried Chicken Joint

This week, Aled, Ben, and Chris find themselves in a local fried chicken joint.

What gems can be found inside abandoned cash registers?
Will any of them be any good in the kitchen?
And who on earth traipses grease all around a bathroom!?

For the answers to these questions and so much more tune into this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!


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