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The Gavin Saga Episode 1 - Thunderbirds are Go

March 6, 2020

Shiggedy whatnow? We're trying out a crazy new format in a six part miniseries! For the next six episodes we'll be presenting a nifty all-in-one room, each of which will join to the next with freaky story stuff! Will it work? Lord knows 0_0

Join Mike, Ben, Jon and Aled as they start their finite adventure in the belly of Gerry Anderson's masterpiece - Thunderbird 2.

Will they knacker the second most useless thunderbird?

Will they forget how 3D space works?

Will anyone remember Fireball XL5?!


Engage your earholes, and find out!

Also let us know what you think of this experimental formatĀ via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.