The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the suspicious Donkey Barn

September 13, 2020

Join Ben and Jamie...with special guest, Tommy Honton, Escape room designer, raconteur, immersive experience immersifier, as they escape a highly suspicious barn of donkeys!

Shiver in fear at the links to the KGB!

Bray loudly at thier terrible donkey schemes!

Metagame the shit out of your puzzles my dog (You might want to check our twitter feed for a clue).

Special thanks go out to iZoptope who kindly provided us with a copy of their new RX8 audio cleanup software, which helped remove many an ear cringing audio sin from this episode. Thanks guys - you're absolute gems! ('Dialogue Isolate' is the single best answer to the question 'did this person record while sitting on a tumble dryer?' I've had to date. Bloody magic.)

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