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Escape the Runaway Taxi!

July 19, 2020

'Alright mate, where to? Sorry about the sick on the seat. Used to be all h'aaarses around 'ere'

No cockney banter was harmed as Mike, Ben and special guest Peih-Gee Law escape Tony's deadly runaway hackney carriage.

Robots! Puns! Sausages! Two of those three things are in this episode.

We mention a fantastic online few rooms in the episode, they come with Peih-Gee's stamp of approval so why not check them out?

You can check out Peih-Gee's reviews over at Room Escape Artist. Oh yeah, while we're on the subject they've got a sweet online conference coming up on escape rooms. More on that later - but here's a juicy link for RECON in the meantime.

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