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Escape The Lizard in the Locker Room

July 5, 2020

It's a super special mega episode! Longest episode everish! Most solvers everish! Mike, Ben, Aled, Bailey, Alan and Laura are escaping from a guest room - kindly supplied by Walter Miska, from his fabulous book Escape Passages Volume 1!

Listen as we don our American Jock personas to retrieve our faithful mascot, Kong, from those horrid Hordenwood Hornets and their locker room of hormones and LIES!

This episode is genuinely a window in to what it's like to solve a real life escape room with us. It's our usual hit squad, and hoo boy do we have to stack up the brains before we can solve a puzzle.

Walter was kind enough to give his blessing for us to record us solving this first room. If you'd like to GM this room yourself, or any of the other two excellent scenario's he's put together, you can find his book here at:


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