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Escape the Faithful Christmas Carol Special - Christmas yet to come…

December 26, 2020

Iiiit's Chriiiiistmaaaaaas! Well actually it's boxing day - but who's keeping track at the moment? And you're getting it a day early, that's a cheeky lump in the stocking if you know what I mean.

(This is part 3 of our 3 part Christmas Special - if you haven't already, why not listen to part 1 (the past) and part 2 (the present)?

Join us for the spectacular conclusion to our Christmas Carol special series, where our Scrooges find themselves in a terrible future, facing up to their dreadful festive sins, and answering mind bendingly important questions like:

Will Alan Scrooge change his bathroom habits?

Will Anna Scrooge think twice the next time she sees a reindeer?

Will Ebeneezer Bailey call the proper authorities?

And will Tony Scrooge allow natural selection to take its course?

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