The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Clock

May 17, 2020

This week Aled, Ben, and Tony find themselves in Chris' puzzling clockwork room.

Will our puzzlers get lost in time forever?  Or will they make time stand still?

Tune in to find out in the episode dubbed "The one that almost got canned"!  *

* Why?  Because:

  • Aled was asleep and we had to call him to get him on the recording
  • Tony's internet failed half an hour before recording, so we communicated with him over the phone
  • Chris has a new microphone setup which generated some buzzing (but he managed to solve it)
  • And lastly, when Aled hit record there was nothing showing on his recorder - then there was!  But in post we found that there was a terrible hiss on his track - Mike and I have cleaned it up as best we could.