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Escape the cat cafe, ft the Room Escape Divas!

December 13, 2020

This week, Mike and Ben are joined by Amanda, Errol, Mike (a different Mike) and Ruby from the Room Escape Divas podcast, escaping from Andrew Lloyd Webber's threats in a hip and trendy cat cafe!

Will Errol get a cup of coffee, or will it be matcha?

Will Amanda break something with a cupcake?

Will Mike and Ruby manage to solve a puzzle while also being fab parents?


P.S. The theme for this episode was requested by our first Escape Boss Tier patreon, Ryann. Hope you liked it Ryann!

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Also - here's the bits you might need to solve the puzzles in this episode:


Hot Drinks


Allergen information













Hot Chocacat




Regulars favourites

Mr RTT: Catpurrchino

Miss G: Meowcha

Mr D: Hot Chocacat