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Escape The British Museum

This week the team find themselves in the bowels of The British Museum on a very inauspicious day. Mother's day. Also the day the world ends. Apparently.

Heston’s Time Travelling Turkey Twizzler Caper

This week Danny, Alan and Jon try and solve Mike's frightful Heston Blumenthal time travel Turkey Twizzler puzzle, all the while uncertain as to whether something else, some deep dreadful metatask is at foot.

Spoiler, there is - but there isn't - BUT THERE IS.

Will they find the pretty much accurate secret recipe? Or will they succumb so suspicion? TIFO!

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Escape Narnia.

Imagine if you lived in a peaceful, snow covered country that was absolutely perfectly fine until unpleasant things started falling on it. This isn't what you think...and also, sort of is.

But, tasteful.


Aled, Mike and Annekoos try and worm their way out of Jon's horrendous snowscape...with music!

Escape the Swimming Pool

Join Jamie and Jon as they tread water and try to stay abreast in this fun swim puzzle!
  • What location did Jamie suggest first?

  • Will Jon have to be censored?
  • How is Pooh involved in all of this?
Sit back and belly laugh along with the best in this snack sponsored edition of The Infinite Escape Room!
Ah yes, snacks! Thanks very much to for sponsoring this episode!

Escape The Wacky Races

Remember Dick Dasterdly? Remember Mutley? Remember Penelope Pitstop? If any of these names mean anything to you then you were either a) a child in 1968 or b) a child after 1968 watching re-runs of a very curious little specimen of a cartoon.

This week the team hit the track in the Wacky Races. Their task is simple, make sure the race goes ahead without a hitch. Or a death. Or a crime against humanity.

Their host is Jon, so this should be easy...


This episode featured several sound effects used under the Creative Commons attribution licence. They can be found on Many thanks to...

Omar Alvarado for his cannons, found here, 

Tim.Kahn, for his crowd of Boo-ers, found here,

lonemonk, for his drag racing cars, here,

ikbenraar for his racing BMW M3s, here,

Debsound for yet more rally cars, here

and finally okieactor, for the gunshot, found here.

Thanks guys!

Escape the Railway Station.

Happy New Year!


We're back! Slightly older, slightly weirder, slightly drunker, but not slighter. We pickup where we left off with the team approaching an inoccent looking Railway Station, just in time to catch the last train home. If only they had enough money for tickets...

This episode features a new solver, Annekoos! (Honor-Coast without the "t" at the end"). She was sadly limited to a laptop mic, so apologies for the audio quality on her track, we'll get her setup properly in time for her next outing.

So without, further ado, lets get stuck in!

Escape The Present

And wouldn't we all like to do that from time to time?

This week the team find themselves trapped in an ancient building and guilty of a heinous act of vandalism involving a giant golden crucifix. Can they put the pieces back together again? Tune in, find out!

Escape Longleat Safari!

Don't let the title fool you. Jon does his best to be dark and creepy while the others consistently undermine him with gags about buttocks, scarecrows, and the many ways in which an abandoned car with a birds nest growing in it might no longer be road worthy. Oh and there's bodies. Lots of bodies.


This episode included a sound effect used under the Creative Commons License. The License can be found here. The sound effect can be found here. It was created by Aris621. Thanks Aris, it's a good 'un!

Escape Madame Tussauds

A long, long time ago, we did a corporate gig. We also did a rehearsal with some friends and family and, by way of thanks, we offered them the chance to choose a venue for a future episode. They chose Madamme Tussauds.

What could be more charming than an idle wander through the wax works of this great institution, respectfully looking, not touching (and definately not stabbing, Alan), adhering to all signage and staying on our side of the venerable velvet rope.

What indeed...


This episode included a sound effect used under the Creative Commons License. The License can be found here. The sound effect can be found here. 

Escape The Pointless Chase…Cube

This week join Danny, Anna and Jon as they find themselves confronting Mike's terrifying creation of Mecha Richard Osman's deadly quiz show.

Massive thanks to Hill Burton for suggesting the quiz question puzzles for this episode - they're absolutely fiendish and it was great fun building a ridiculous episode around them.

Also you might notice that this episode has some iffy audio! Poor ol' Danny managed to goof on his audio settings and recorded his voice track with his webcam rather than his very posh and expensive microphone. Also our track backup solution (CraigBot) has been letting us down of late - so no backup. Whoopsiedoodles.

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ESCAPETHEROOMers - Guest Episode!

We're joined this week by Cici and Brandon from ESCAPETHEROOMers; an Escape Room focused youtube channel and review site, based out of New York. Jon picks their brains about their show, the industry more generally and their favourite UK room, then we get down to the good stuff and give them a room to solve!

Will Cici use Delilah in the right orifice?

Will Brandon make it through the show with that much whisky inside him?

Has Jon considered the consequences of giving his solvers access to the miracle of Fire?


Tune in and find out!

Escape the Giants Cupboard

Hullo! Ben's back after the TIER summer holiday and his head was a little empty of anything but puns...
Join Mike, Laura, and Jon as they navigate a weird environment in the dark...

Will Jon form a splinter group?

Does Mike harpoon himself?

Can Laura bring some much needed structure to the episode?
Tune in and find out!

Escape the mysteriously hinged house

Ever had that dream? You know, the one where a giant four year old decides to play dressup with you after setting an arbitrary thirty minute Escape Timer? Yeah, me too. And now, so have Dom, Mike and Aled.

Will Mike make a good Baby? 

Will Dom ever sound happy on the inside? 

Will Aled leave Mike hanging? 

Tune in, find out!

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Escape The Day Job

We are returned! And Normal Service has resumed. And by "normal" I mean a half dozen unbroadcastable outbursts followed by some light philosophy while locked in an Imaginary Fun Prison. Alone.

Poor Danny, Poor, Lonely, Danny.


EDIT: There was a technical issue with the end of this episode. I've fixed and reuploaded but you might need to refresh your feed/redownload for the fixed version to come through.

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP4

Almost the end of our mini-series, the holiday is drawing to a close...But not before Ben, Mike, and Jon face the final challenge from Jamie!
What monocle-esque fate befalls Jon?
Is Mike sober enough to speak coherently?
Why does Ben get chastised?
Please  join us as the holiday ends to see if we escape!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP3

It's into the last half of the holiday, and as everyone does we've become rather comfortable by this point. Jamie, Jon, and Mike go through Ben's  picnic hamper, what will they find inside?
What does Mike clamp between his thighs?
Who does Jon spy on the receipt?
Will anybody listen to Jamie?
Tune in to find out what dreadful puns Ben has in store!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP2

Join the TIER team for episode two of their holiday mini-series.  Follow Jamie, Jon, and Ben this week as we turn to Mike's lovely view out of a window.

Does Jamie have a stomach of steel?

What will Ben try with a small pump?

After everything that we've tried to censor in the past, what hill will Jon die on?

Questions, answers, and probably more questions are to be found in this episode of the TIER holiday special!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP1

It's July and the TIER gang are going on holibobs! But don't fear, we shan't leave you high and dry - you're going to get a four part mini-series!
This week, bask briefly in the sun before learning how our four presenters get locked into a beach hut. Jon leads the puzzling by putting us in a potentially explosive predicament.
  • Which one of us will wield the power of attraction?
  • Who can see the bigger picture?
  • Are any of us left flagging...?
Answers and yet more questions lie in this weeks episode of TIER!

Escape The Car Crash

It's been suggested by some that my episodes are unecessarily bleak. To remedy this, I give you Escape The Car Crash, featuring Michael Buble.


Will Mike recover from being a Cyclist?

Will Jamie make a good Poultergeist?

Will Aled ever forgive me?


Tune in and find out.

Escape The Bridge Over Troubled Water

Unusually starting this episode with a PSA. The subject matter of this room hinges on a suicide attempt which some listeners might, understandably, not want to make light of in any way. While I hope we handle it sensitively, it may not be for everyone.

Hopefully helpfully, if this troubles you in a serious way, you may want to talk to someone about it.

The Samaritans offer a listening service that can be reached on the following numbers:

UK: 116 123

U.S: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)


This week the team find themselves locked in a self-driving Van with everything they posess and the ominous number 5.

Will Ben be able to pronounce his own name?

Will Anna murder another slug?

Will Jamie make it to his second Jab?

Would Dom make a good Poultergeist?

And finally, when Jon meets St Peter at the Pearly Gates, will he ever be forgiven for this...


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