The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Newsagents

This week, Jon, Mike, and Ben find themselves in a classic British newsagents.

Will Ben find a use for that plunger?

Will Jon's extensive knowledge of smutty mags aid in their escape?

And does Mike win a dream holiday for seven to Bognor Regis on the scratch cards?

Tune your wirelessly connected podcasting machines in to find out!

Escape the Impeachment!

No star spangled flags were harmed in the recording of this episode.

It's a cheeky all in one listener request! Can Danny, Jon, Bailey and Alan escape Donald Trump's impeachment, and in turn The Oval Office?

Well we know at least one of those people got away with it, cos the bugger was acquitted a day before we recorded! Blinking fliperooni

Features hitherto unknown levels of fuff, tuff and toss in a not quite circular room. Also features West Country Trump:


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Escape the Cinema

This week Katie, Mike, and Ben explore a quaint family run cinema only to find they are trapped inside!

Will Ben's knowledge of ice cream companies come to the rescue?

Will Katie be able to crank out some focus?

What will Mike find with a UV torch in the screening room?

Find out and learn much more in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Waft away from the Hot Air Balloon

This week, Laura, Anna and Mike escape from Dom's fiendish hot air balloon. Maybe they'll learn a some handy facts about them along the way, who can tell?

Maybe they'll stay on the balloon, and leave this cursed, doomed little island filled with wretchedness, drifting out to somewhere nice and Scandinavian? 

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Escape the Royal Family

This week Aled, Jamie and Benhave had enough of pomp and circumstance and want to run away from their royal duties!

Will Ben and Jamie ever get to Lidl's?

What pictorial puzzlements awaita Aled and Ben in the gallery?

And will sticky end will become of Jamie and Aled?

Tune in to find out!

Jumping January - Get out of the Gym!

This week Mike, Danny and Chris find thier wretched flabby frames flobbing in to the gym.

Will they be audibly swole?

Can they spin it to win it?

How do you cancel Audible membership?

Join us you hugsome lovesome folks, and find out!

Escape the Green Grocers

This week, Ben, Jon, and Mike find themselves trapped inside one of The Infinite Escape Rooms many green grocers!

Will Mike's nerves hold out in the cellar?

Will Ben tell porkies at the checkout?

What will Jon make of Mike's masthead?

Don't dis-pear for us!  We're not plum out of luck!  Listen in and hear us proclaim LETTUCE ESCAPE! 
We hope you agree it's a fruitful start to the year!

Escape The Meeples!

This week Harriet, Jack and Chris are trapped in the infinite escape rooms boardgame dimensions.

Will the dice roll in their favour?

Will they be mobbed by an army of meeples?

How does the island of catan manage its sheep problem?

Listen to find out!

Advent Calendar Countdown - It’s bloody Christmas day innit

OH MY GOD IT'S FINALLY CHRISTMAS, and the last in our 12 mini episode advent calendar countdown specials :D

Mike, Katie and Ben are joined by sweet Jamie from the Armchair Escapist as we tackle the final door to our mighty advent calendar, and try to work out what happens next.

It's been a hell of a ride. We're probably going to take a little break at new years - but if you've enjoyed this mini series then give us a shout via the twitters @TIER_Podcast

We love you lots, tata!


Advent Calendar Countdown - The eleventh day of plundered pudding

Christmas eve! We're nearly there! And today's the penultimate day of our countdown advent calendar!

Today Mike, Danny and Aled must escape from a scrummy kitchen, while beset by extreme tiredness and Aled's rotten hangover.

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The tenth day of Skeletor

My god has it been ten episodes already? Has the veil of sanity started to part on the edit? Is anyone reading these notes? I don't think I recognize my hands in front of me...everything is little sound clips moving around in a little grey universe... but wait, there's a man in red waving to me. A big jolly man in red beckoning me towards a day of family, and happiness and food and presents...I'm coming big red jolly man, let me just put down my editing shears...but wait - where is your little hat? Where is your bushy beard? Why do you have horns, and why is Christmas a thousand miles beneath the surface of the earth and covered in flames...

Advent Calendar Countdown - The ninth day of Macarena

Tis day the ninth, Christmas eve eve eve!

Mike, Dom, Anna and Laura find themselves escaping a funky Christmas dance party!

Will they get sued by the EBI? Surely not before Christmas!

Holla at us on the Twitters before we get sent to jail @TIER_Podcast

Advent Calendar Countdown - The eighth day of brutal milk

Tis' day the eighth of our 12 days of Christmas countdown calendar!

Today, Ben, Mike, Katie and Jamie find themselves battling the ravages of time on dairy products, and throwing things at cows.


Advent Calendar Countdown - The seventh day of avian distinctiveness

Tis the seventh day of our advent calendar countdown! If you've been following us since the start you may now have reached a similar realisation to us, flipping heck there's a lot of birds in the 12 days of Christmas...

Mike, Jon and Chris come together to ruin Jon's puzzle in this episode with their relentless logic!

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The sixth day of pious geese

Tis the sixth day 'til crimblingmas in our advent calendar countdown!

Mike, Aled and Danny find themselves in a poultry pantomime - be-laden with dread artefacts! Dare they pigeonhole these birds, or will they just get in a flap?

Here's the cheat sheet:


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Advent Calendar Countdown - The fifth day of magic donuts

Tis day the fifth of our advent calendar special!

Today Mike, Emma Bailey, Laura and Alan have an epic adventure with a rug and a curtain rail.

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The fourth day of Nokia 3310

Tis day the fourth of the Christmas countdown!

Mike, Katie, Ben and Jamie find themselves questionning the word of the bird in this holiday headscratcher.

Will Gary Lineker secure the salt and vinegar gig of his dreams? Or be condemned to the smoky bacon of poverty? TIFO!

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The third day of Parisian poultry predicaments

Ho ho ho! Tis the third day of our advent calendar countdown!

Mike, Chris and Jon escape from their unconscious biases in a French chicken gendering kerfuffle.

Will they manage to order une baguette, or get horribly sidetracked? Tune in, find out!

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The second day of sneezing birds out of trees

Tis the second day of Christmas, in our twelve days of Christmas advent calendar countdown!

Today Mike, Laura, Alan and Bailey escape from an RSPB endorsed aviary!

Will they flush the tiny toilet, or get their fingers pecked by a sad turtledove?

Tune in! Find out!

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Advent Calendar Countdown - The first day of duck in a gooseberry bush

Welcome to our most ambitious project yet - a 12 days of Christmas themed advent calendar, twelve episodes, each one releasing in the days running up to Christmas!

Today Mike, Jon, Danny and Alan escape from the first door of the advent calendar - the partridge in a pear tree!

Can they solve the enigma of the cooling elf? Or will they disrespect the departed and ignore the frantic quacking of a sad duck?

For some reason they recorded this one in a noisy Wetherspoons at St Pancras after doing a real escape room and having lots of beers. It felt like a good idea at the time.

Merry Christmas! If you'd like to spread a bit of cheer, why not get in touch via the twitters @TIER_podcast?