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Save Harambe! (feat. Step Lockyer from Enigmailed)

This week, Mike, Ben and special guest Step Lockyer from Enigmailed join forces to save the Internet's most beloved gorilla from certain death, thus averting the final apocalypse of the 21st century.
We've got a little Q&A with Step at the start of the show before getting into the puzzle itself.
If you're not already following Enigmailed you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.
And if you want to get news of when Enigmailed's Kickstarter campaign for Notable remains goes live, you can sign up for updates on the campaign page.
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Escape the Railway Station.

Happy New Year!


We're back! Slightly older, slightly weirder, slightly drunker, but not slighter. We pickup where we left off with the team approaching an inoccent looking Railway Station, just in time to catch the last train home. If only they had enough money for tickets...

This episode features a new solver, Annekoos! (Honor-Coast without the "t" at the end"). She was sadly limited to a laptop mic, so apologies for the audio quality on her track, we'll get her setup properly in time for her next outing.

So without, further ado, lets get stuck in!

Escape the Board Game Cafe at the End of the World (Ft. The Average Gamers)

There's some dodgy capitalisation in that title...ho hum!

This week Ben is joined by special guests Lee and Adam from The Average Games podcast as Mike takes them through an apocalyptic board game cafe. Mysteries and Meeples abound as we journey within three of Mike's favorite games, and try to keep a step ahead of the Final Barista.

You can also hear these lovely chaps on some other podcasts. Go check them out at Wreckage RPG and Geeks Journal for dessert.

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ESCAPETHEROOMers - Guest Episode!

We're joined this week by Cici and Brandon from ESCAPETHEROOMers; an Escape Room focused youtube channel and review site, based out of New York. Jon picks their brains about their show, the industry more generally and their favourite UK room, then we get down to the good stuff and give them a room to solve!

Will Cici use Delilah in the right orifice?

Will Brandon make it through the show with that much whisky inside him?

Has Jon considered the consequences of giving his solvers access to the miracle of Fire?


Tune in and find out!

Escape the Wedding!

This week Bailey, Aled and Jordan find themselves to be guests at a very lovely wedding. Join them as they:

  • Marvel at how nothing bad happens!
  • Ignore the German with the Luger and the blood of three men on his hands!
  • Wonder at the tasteful decorations!
  • Get their thinking caps on for the speeches!

Here's the Polaroid clue for your own viewing pleasure:


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PS - This episode is dedicated to marriage of Danny and Amy Nicholls, who put on a belting wedding and the first major social event any of us had experienced in 18 months. IT WAS GLORIOUS. Lots of love , Mike x

Escape the Cabin of Disappointment

This week, we’re doing something a little different as we’re joined once more by our much beloved (and at this point semi regular guests) Errol and Manda from the Room Escape Divas.

Join Jon, Manda and Errol as they navigate a narrative plod through disappointment avenue, in Stan’s Escape Experiense. And yes, that is spelt incorrectly. Just wait until you see his Spoky Haunted Kabin.

And as plugged, the 2021 Cryptex Puzzle Hunt starts on the first of March! You should go check it out. It’s very cool, and made by smart people who do the clevers.

Oh yeah, and Errol mentions Justin Nevin's gorgeous Cryptex® Security Box. This is what they look like (drools):replica-black_1_orig.jpg

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P.S. We hear Darren Miller's pretty cool too. He assures us he has nothing to do with the manufacture of anything gorgeous.

Escape the cat cafe, ft the Room Escape Divas!

This week, Mike and Ben are joined by Amanda, Errol, Mike (a different Mike) and Ruby from the Room Escape Divas podcast, escaping from Andrew Lloyd Webber's threats in a hip and trendy cat cafe!

Will Errol get a cup of coffee, or will it be matcha?

Will Amanda break something with a cupcake?

Will Mike and Ruby manage to solve a puzzle while also being fab parents?


P.S. The theme for this episode was requested by our first Escape Boss Tier patreon, Ryann. Hope you liked it Ryann!

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Also - here's the bits you might need to solve the puzzles in this episode:


Hot Drinks


Allergen information













Hot Chocacat




Regulars favourites

Mr RTT: Catpurrchino

Miss G: Meowcha

Mr D: Hot Chocacat


Escape the suspicious Donkey Barn

Join Ben and Jamie...with special guest, Tommy Honton, Escape room designer, raconteur, immersive experience immersifier, as they escape a highly suspicious barn of donkeys!

Shiver in fear at the links to the KGB!

Bray loudly at thier terrible donkey schemes!

Metagame the shit out of your puzzles my dog (You might want to check our twitter feed for a clue).

Special thanks go out to iZoptope who kindly provided us with a copy of their new RX8 audio cleanup software, which helped remove many an ear cringing audio sin from this episode. Thanks guys - you're absolute gems! ('Dialogue Isolate' is the single best answer to the question 'did this person record while sitting on a tumble dryer?' I've had to date. Bloody magic.)

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Escape the Cabin

David and Lisa Spira from Room Escape Artist join Mike in trying to escape a cabin in the woods.

After escaping the barn by plane last week, the three find themselves running low on fuel.  Thankfully they've all be putting in extra hours of Kerbal Space Program and the landing on a dirt road is surprisingly painless.
Coming to a stop they find themselves outside of a cabin that happens to have a fuel pump.

Can they operate the fuel pump?

Will they get into the cabin?

How many Room Escape Artist references can Ben sneak in!?

Tune in and find out!

You may have noted that we've been advertising The Reality Escape Convention: RECON on the podcast over the past few weeks. 
We are really grateful to Lisa and David for taking time out of organising RECON to come on the show.

Registration for free tickets is now open, and the event takes place on 23rd & 24th August.  We talk about the conference in the first part of the show, but if you want to find out more checkout the links below!

RECON Website:

Room Escape Artist (REA) Website:

RECON Twitter Account: @RealEscapeCon

Facebook: Reality Escape Convention


Linkedin: Reality Escape Convention

Escape the Runaway Taxi!

'Alright mate, where to? Sorry about the sick on the seat. Used to be all h'aaarses around 'ere'

No cockney banter was harmed as Mike, Ben and special guest Peih-Gee Law escape Tony's deadly runaway hackney carriage.

Robots! Puns! Sausages! Two of those three things are in this episode.

We mention a fantastic online few rooms in the episode, they come with Peih-Gee's stamp of approval so why not check them out?

You can check out Peih-Gee's reviews over at Room Escape Artist. Oh yeah, while we're on the subject they've got a sweet online conference coming up on escape rooms. More on that later - but here's a juicy link for RECON in the meantime.

Oh yeah we're still on the Patreon the Twitters and the Facebook. Hit us up.

Escape CosmoDeath

Charlie and James from Deadlocked Escape Rooms join Ben in escaping Jamie's concoction of backstage CosmoDeath themes puzzles!

What hell shall be raised at the sound desk?

What is that potato sack sized sack of M&Ms for!?

And what is is like to crowd surf?

Tune into this very special escape room, to find out!

Charlie can be found @misscharliebond, while James can be found @Volvi and Both of them run Deadlocked Escape Rooms.
Many thanks to Jamie, a.k.a. @armchairescape

P.S. You may like to refer to this scrap of paper if you're following along:


The Lighthouse

This week Mike, Ben, Alan and special guest Errol find themselves trapped in a lonely lighthouse, with nothing but wine and wits to save them from a spooksome demise.

Will they figure out the ballad of Sharon the Shmuggler?

Will they break the curse of the Fresnel lens?

Will we discover how to make a shadow puppet narwhal?

Will they forget to solve the mystery of what happened to the lighthouse keeper?

Tune in! Find out!

If you'd like to hear more of Errol's dulcet tones, you can find him over at the Room Escape Divas podcast, and for pudding baffle yourself with the excellent Cryptex hunt.

By the way, we're now on Patreon! Why not check out our different TIER Tier rewards, and chuck us a squid if you like the podcast. You can also let us know what you think of the podcast, and where you'd like us to escape next via the Twitters, or at Facebook.

Escape the Stag Do! Ladsladslads

This week, Mike is joined by old school chums Sam and Hath in laddishly laddering Gavin the Mannequin's stag do.

Can a mannequin be sick in a zorb?

Can we up the seagull body count?

Can we make sense of the dog, the pump and the corpse?

To discover the answers to these elusive questions - attach your earholes to a listening device and pour away with the episode!

Escape the Amazon Warehouse!

This week, Chris leads fellow disgusting meatbags Ant and Jack on an outward trajectory through one of Jeff Bezos' finest consumerist Mills of human misery and reasonably priced HDMI cables.

Will Balexa try and flush them in to the void of space?

Will a box gain sentience and try to eat a roll of packing tape?

Will someone remember what a Cesar cipher is?

To find out, listen on! Or No, No, Yes. Whatever suits you really.

Star Trek Special: Escape the Spooge Hoover

This week, Chris takes over the podcast to do an Infinite Escape Room Star Trek Special! Its an absolute belter - enjoy!

Marvel as our puzzlers go where no one has gone before… to the holodeck after Commander Riker has used it.

Can you clean the holodeck from biological contaminants? Are you smart enough to solve a visual puzzle on an audio podcast? Would you use a battering ram to get through a pile of tribbles? Whatever the answer you are sure to enjoy this extra special episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

An extra special thank you to Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica for lending their voices as special guest stars.


Michael Collins - Puzzler
Joe Gill - Puzzler
Jack Slinger - Puzzler

Ben Harrison - Lt Cmder Harrison
Adam Pranica - Lt Cmder Pranica
Catty Donnelly - Captain Picard
Melanie Hunt - Sasha

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