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Escape Farage’s Flat Roofed Boozer

Welcome to the Shiv and Staffy. is it just your standard dodgy estate flat roofed boozer? Or is it also the secret headquarters of internationally renowned fuckwits UKIP?

"I've just shot us all in the foot, why do our feet hurt? It's probably the fault of foreigners." ~ The wit and wisdom of Nigel Farage OBE

Join the Mike H and Sam as they unravel its secrets, and find Mike C's time travelling stabby solution to Brexit.

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Escape the surprisingly reasonably priced Manhattan apartment

You know what's great? FRIENDS. The having of them, and the homages to. If either of those prospects tickle your biscuit then this tasty new episode from Tony is going to be right up your cul-de-sac. Why not join us as we:

  • Marvel as Jon missing the blindingly obvious references!
  • Wonder at Sam's sound and plumbing setup!
  • Nod knowingly at Bailey's James Earl Jones knowledge!
  • Giggle sympathetically at Tony's noble efforts to keep the recording on track!

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P.s. Mike edited this, and found the experience surreal but very pleasant, as it's the first time he's edited something he hasn't been in. He's really hoping he didn't chop anything important out.

Escape the Barn!

This week Chris, Jamie, and Sam find themselves on top of a barn!  How on earth did Ben wrangle them out from Robot-Hitler's V2 rocket!?

Listen as the gang go through the trials and tribulations of interacting with stuff in a barn.

Will Chris be tempted to rummage through poo?

Will Jamie get the metal detector working?

Does Sam's wish of driving a tractor come to fruition!?

And what on Earth is Lovage...?

Find out most of the above by tuning into this weeks episode of: The Infinite Escape Room!

Ecape the Infinite Wine Cellar

This week Tony takes Danny, Sam, and Ben into one of The Infinite Escape rooms many wine cellars!

What carnage will they make of wine names?

Will we find a more exotic phrase for the common "ingénue"?

And what do you call a microwave that doesn't heat things!?

As ever, Tune In to Find Out!


P.S. You may find the following wine list of use if you're playing along at home!


The Gavin Saga Episode 4 - The Trenches of WW1

This week Mike, Sam, and Ben are escaping Jon's puzzle based in the trenches of WW1 - don't worry, they're on the "good" side!

What becomes of their commanding officer?

How will they get their orders?

Who is Mustapha Kunt!?

To listen to our brave escapologists on their fourth instalment, Tune in to The Infinite Escape Room!


You'll be wanting this letter to help you follow along!

My Dear Reggie...


The Gavin Saga Episode 2 - Dino Safari

This week, Mike, Sam and Aled are escaping from Tony's fiendishly well researched and non-copyright infringing dino safari park!

Will coleslaw appease the three-horned-good-boys?

Will maths fox three 'adults'

Are spinosaurus horrifying?

Tune in! Find out!

Also we talk about fundraising for NKH in this episode through the medium of chicken nuggets and ultramarathons. If you'd like to put some dolla towards the cause (and by golly you'd be one cool cat if you did) then head on over to the JustGiving page for Team Mikaere / Joseph's Goal.

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Evacuate the sacks, it’s time to escape the Sperm Bank!

This week Mike, Sam and Tony find themselves trapped in a spaff depositing and storage facility!

Will they discern their own David from the Seaman?

Will program the retrieval of progenerative projectile?

Will they play sommelier with a database of spudge?

Gather round sweet things, and join us! Don't mind the stains...

Escape the Stag Do! Ladsladslads

This week, Mike is joined by old school chums Sam and Hath in laddishly laddering Gavin the Mannequin's stag do.

Can a mannequin be sick in a zorb?

Can we up the seagull body count?

Can we make sense of the dog, the pump and the corpse?

To discover the answers to these elusive questions - attach your earholes to a listening device and pour away with the episode!

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