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All’s fair in love, war and tea

aka Escape the Boston Tea Party
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Much like Nicolas Cage, we're on a mission to uncover some forgotten American treasures. But unlike Nicolas Cage, we're doing it with a little more tact and a lot less insanity.
Join Mike, Laura and Ben as they infiltrate the Boston Tea Party Museum to find the last remaining tea chest from the Boston Tea Party.
  • Will Mike and Ben find a tri-corner hat that actually fits?
  • How does Ben unlock the podcast's secret God-Mode?
  • Is fruit tea really tea or just an infusion?
Find out now in this Independence Day special episode!
If you're playing along at home, you'll need this map of the islands around Boston harbour.
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And for those who celebrate it, have a most excellent Independence Day!

Escape the Viking Funeral Boat

The episode in which Mike and Laura find themselves in the midst of a splashy splashy burney death zone, and Mike gets to fulfil a lifelong ambition.

  • Has Mike unlocked the secrets of successful communism?
  • Has Jamie finally managed to stump Laura's lightning-fast puzzling prowess?
  • And just what is a coffee knocker anyway?

Here are the details of the Viking compass and coasters, if you fancy playing along yourself.


PS I've taken some liberties with Norse mythology for the sake of the puzzle. If you want a primer on some Norse myths, and like your tunes on the heavier side, I recommend listening to the track Emblas Saga by Brotherhood of Metal. It's pretty wild.






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Defeat Facebook, and Escape the Zuck!

This week, Dom, Anna and Laura find themselves at the behest of Mike's Mars Bar wielding Elon Musk.

In order to complete his total domination of social media, they'll need to infiltrate Facebook HQ and get the platform cancelled! But watch out for the Zuck's stinger!

Is it one of Mike's tightest puzzles? Possibly not. Did he have a lot of fun doing the voices? Yes he did.

Also Jamie cameo's in this episode in one of our most/least copyright infringing characters depending on if he's wearing a shirt. See if you can spot it.

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Escape Being Boris’ Aide

Laura, Mike, and Aled reporting for duty! Join our crack team of political put-it-righters as they advise the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on how to best navigate his blunders.
Email after email comes through to the team, will they be able to figure out how to log into the computer to read them
  • Does Mike spend all episode in the bat cave?
  • Will Aled ever make it out of the toilet?
  • Can Laura corral the other two into actually helping to solve the puzzle?
  • How close does Mike get to short-circuiting the puzzle?
For fun, fictional frolics, and some "mild ribbing" ->tune into this weeks episode!
Please note that while characters in this episode are real, many of the situations posed are works of fiction.

Escape The 2012 Olympics at Trafalgar Square

Laura and Dom find themselves back in 2012 during the London Olympics. They must find the missing Olympic Torch before the opening ceremony comes to Trafalgar Square!
  • Will Dom and Laura find the torch?
  • Does cleaning the place up help at all?
  • What on earth is a rampant lion doing in Trafalgar Square?
All of this, and much more in this weeks episode!

Escape the Superhero Lab

Hey there, true believers!
Join The Amazing Mike and The Astonishing Laura as they genetically enhance themselves to escape this rather super little puzzle.
  • Will Mike be able to unclog the drain through hair pulling alone?
  • Will Laura be able to guess Jamie's combination lock yet again?!
  • And just what did Mike do with that risqué poster?
Find out in this issue of The Infinite Escape Room.
If you'd like to play along, you'll need this:
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Escape the Wizard’s Sleeve

Keep your mind out of the gutter, and your imagination in Gandalf's armpit as the gang find themselves the victim of a well intentioned magical whoopsie.

  • Will they listen for suspicious silences?
  • Will they check themselves before the wreck themselves?
  • Are hankies internationally recognised?

Tune in, find out!

Also this episode was recorded using a Zoom H2n in Alan and Bailey's lovely (if slightly echoey, sorry!) dining room.

This episode was snack sponsored by Enigmailed, who sent us some chocolate. You can support the podcast yourself by sending us snacks, or via our  Patreon.

Escape the Hundred Acre Wood!

Oh bother!

With Winnie the Pooh entering the public domain in 2022, Jamie takes Mike and Laura through a little stroll through the Hundred Acre Wood. Can they make it out before the House of Mouse comes a-stomping through the trees?

Cue a very sticky bed, a gratuitous Winnie the Pooh impression, and many BEEEEEES.

This one was a little shorter than expected -  Mike and Laura did incredibly well. Note to self: make puzzles harder when playing with sober solvers.


Escape The Bath Bomb Shop

Sacré bleu!

This week's episode sees Ben and Laura attempt to make an explosive exit from the smelliest of prisons - a bath bomb shop!

Cue Jamie's ropey European accents, left socks and flavoursome soaps.


Did you find our cheeky little Easter egg in this episode? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you did!


And yes, Jamie does say "audio descriptions for the hard of hearing' at one point. And no, he didn't realise what he'd said until it was much, much too late.


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Escape the Hedge Maze

Join forces with Aled, Laura, and Mike as they loop through a hedge maze.

Who will be the first to claim to be stupid?

How much time will be lost trudging around?

Why is the end at the beginning?

GASP A maze zing!

Listen, weep with joy, and spare a thought for the poor folk having to live through the puns.  Tune in, find out, only on The Infinite Escape Room...





Escape the Oubliette!

In this Episode, Jamie takes Mike, Laura and Dom in to the Oubliette of a pop culture classic, where he confounds them with an infuriatingly well constructed puzzle.

Also, here's a few visual assets if you're following along at home. Ye gods how we wish we'd found them sooner!




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Escape The Post-it notes

Is this our shortest episode ever? It could well be - join Aled, Laura and Jamie as they storm through Dom's sneaky post-it production line puzzle.

Also Mike briefly shows up to say the hellos, and then pisses off downstairs for what he thought would be a lovely quiet beer.

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Escape the Giants Cupboard

Hullo! Ben's back after the TIER summer holiday and his head was a little empty of anything but puns...
Join Mike, Laura, and Jon as they navigate a weird environment in the dark...

Will Jon form a splinter group?

Does Mike harpoon himself?

Can Laura bring some much needed structure to the episode?
Tune in and find out!

Escaping The Puzzleverse Inc.’s ISS Crisis

Hi folks, bit of a special one for you this week! We got contacted by the Puzzleverse Inc a few months back, wanting to know if we'd like to play and record one of their rooms. We said yes, and this was the result! We had an absolute blast, and our host Jayden was great. 

So bit of a departure this week, as you join Mike, Ben, Bailey, Tony, Aled and Laura in solving a crisis on the International Space Station!

We've done our best to describe what we're seeing on the stream and screen as we go, but heck - if you're just missing big group escape rooms this might provide some lovely soothing ambient audio to take you right back to them.

We'd heartily encourage you to check them out if you fancy a fun group escape experience. You can check out their games at

Escape the ol’ switcheroo

This week, Ben, Jon and a mystery extra person find themselves in an unexpected role reversal.

  • Will they panic?
  • Will they remember what they were going to call their key?
  • Will Mike's laptop ever work again? (Sort of)

Join us, find out!

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Escape the Costume Shop

Join Laura, Aled, and Mike as they run down a road in high heels while being chased by gigantic drag queens! Deciding that high heels really aren't for running, they duck into a costume shop and (as if by magic) are greeted by the shop keeper.
  • What rootin' tootin' adventure will Aled take the gang on?
  • What mayday inducing clamour will Laura get involved with?
  • And what does Mike call a tipi with a front door?
Find out in this Mr Benn inspired episode!

Escape the Drag Race Dressing Room

After being nipped at the heels by a pack of slobbering hounds the gang found themselves in the shadow of shady bitches of a different kind...

They are backstage at a dragtastic Mama LaRu extravaganza ... but with the headline act storming off in true diva fashion and a drag-hungry audience between them and escape, what will the gang do?! Join Laura, Ben, and Aled as they escape backstage at the drag show! (With Bailey as their drag obsessed host!)

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, this escape room is large and in charge and will hopefully make your day MUCH BETTA! Ladies start your engines and may the best woman…ESCAPE!


Escape the M4 Service Station

Join Laura, Aled, and Alan as they try to escape a motorway service station!
On entering the station to relieve yourselves, a man comes running up to you. Before he is of much use "something" gets him! Watch out, because they are patrolling and will hinder you!
What accent gets mangled this week?
Who gets greased up?
Does anybody try to cheat?
Hopefully someone will stay calm and collected in this weeks The Infinite Escape Room!

Escape The Garden.

Ah, the great outdoors; beautiful flowers, captivating foliage, the wreckage of a sports car in a fountain. Bliss. This week join Jamie, Laura and Mike as they wrestle with Jon's topical Garden puzzle. Why is it topical?....we'll get to that.


Will Jamie nail a Deep South accent?

Will Q's identity finally be revealed?

Will Laura finally call time on her first marriage?


Tune in, find out!


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Escape Parthenon Security Ltd.

Join Aled, Laura, and Tony in escaping Parthenon Security Ltd!  Ben takes up from where Jon left off, using as many props left in the room as possible.

Will Laura find the power to light the way?

Can Aled's stature be of any assistance?

And what details almost escape Tony?

Find out these, any many more things in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

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