The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape blended pigs uterus at the Speakeasy

Escape cool Jazz, AND NOTHING ELSE at our hip and groovy speakeasy, presented by Mike.

Marvel as Danny, Katie and Jamie help make this one of our filthiest, most distracted introductions to date, before creaming through the puzzle like a Strawberry Glamshake going through a digestive system.

If you want to play along at home, here's a wee drinks menu:

  • Old fashioned £4.99
  • Singapore sling £6.21
  • Martini £2.25
  • Sex on the beach £7.45
  • Bramble £4.45
  • Strawberry Glamshake £1.00
  • Moscow mule £3.30
  • Long island iced tea £4.55
  • Mojito £3.05
  • Pina Colada £3.99

Also thanks for all the dinners mum, despite the courgettes.

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Escape the Pego Driving School

This week, the gang find themselves smaller and more plastic than normal, as they navigate a non intellectual property infringing Pego driving school.

Marvel as they struggle with basic driving manouvers!

Wonder as they keep forgetting there's a time limit!

Shiver as they uncover a new taxonomy of filth!

Also, the map! 155434251_181264010143689_4880923476779615102...

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Escape the Escape Room!

Yes you read that right! Today Katie, Mike and Chris escape the most exotic Escape Room location of all. An actual Escape Room. We've come full circle. It don't get more meta than this!

Will Jon ever open his front door again?
Will Katie overcome her suspicion of holes?
Will Chris ever wash off the invisible ink?

Tune in, and find out!

Escape the archaeology dig!

This week, Mike, Katie and Danny escape from Jamie's fiendishly well informed archaeology dig!

Will they uncover lost roman treasures, or spend an alarming amount of the episode talking about poo?

Tune in to find out! In the meantime, here's some cheeky clues to get your whistles wet...

 31a74479-bf1d-4ff7-8e4f-81a1fb75d7a4.jpg note.jpg

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Investigating the maintenance tunnels

Oh sod, it looks like the Infinite Escape Room has gone and broken. Probably some sort of infinite GM resetting the wrong arduino, or some cack handed player breaking a lock.

Fortunately, Danny has a cheeky all in one escape experience for us, taking us through the incredibly meta tunnels of the Infinite Escape Room's maintenance ducts!

Will Mike marvel at the bum noise button?

Will Ben dispense train facts?

Will Katie's bottomless laugh find itself in peril?

Has Danny clearly listened to more past episodes than we expected?

Ha spoilers yes.

Escape the Cinema

This week Katie, Mike, and Ben explore a quaint family run cinema only to find they are trapped inside!

Will Ben's knowledge of ice cream companies come to the rescue?

Will Katie be able to crank out some focus?

What will Mike find with a UV torch in the screening room?

Find out and learn much more in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Advent Calendar Countdown - It’s bloody Christmas day innit

H MY GOD IT'S FINALLY CHRISTMAS, and the last in our 12 mini episode advent calendar countdown specials :D

Mike, Katie and Ben are joined by sweet Jamie from the Armchair Escapist as we tackle the final door to our mighty advent calendar, and try to work out what happens next.

It's been a hell of a ride. We're probably going to take a little break at new years - but if you've enjoyed this mini series then give us a shout via the twitters @TIER_Podcast

We love you lots, tata!


Advent Calendar Countdown - The eighth day of brutal milk

Tis' day the eighth of our 12 days of Christmas countdown calendar!

Today, Ben, Mike, Katie and Jamie find themselves battling the ravages of time on dairy products, and throwing things at cows.


Advent Calendar Countdown - The fourth day of Nokia 3310

Tis day the fourth of the Christmas countdown!

Mike, Katie, Ben and Jamie find themselves questionning the word of the bird in this holiday headscratcher.

Will Gary Lineker secure the salt and vinegar gig of his dreams? Or be condemned to the smoky bacon of poverty? TIFO!

If you like the sounds our mouth holes make, then why not let us know via the twitters at TIER_Podcast?

Spooktober Special - Escape Dracula’s Scam!

This week, Mike Ben and Katie find themselves the victims of an elaborate and devious vampire based phone scam!

Will they go batty for three mysterious tubs?

Will their pumping be in vein?

Will Jamie Oliver, Vampire Hunter, hold the key to thier escape?

Prick up your ears, and then de-prick them enough to fit in some headphones, to find out! Also hit us up via the twitters @TIER_podcast. We don't bite, except when we're in a thrall state to our vampire overlords.

Ambulance self-discharge!


This week Mike, Katie and Ben find themselves roughed up in the back of an ambulance!

Will our hearts stop, our kidneys rock, and our ears hear 'thwip?'

Will the NHS still be there when we get to the hospital, or will BoJo have sold it to his grubby horrible mates?

Join us and find out!

Escape Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport?

This week Mike, Jon and Katie find themselves stuck in a Texas airport! And yes that is a real airport - Wikipedia told us so (citation needed).

Will Katie's puzzle be a MENSA level mystery?

Will Jon's puzzle put him on an international watch list?

Will Mike's puzzle accidentally involve nightmare inducing tellytubbies?

Who knows. Probably, maybe - yeah. All we know is that if you're listening in Texas, and your name in Brenna, and you kindly reached out to us with an idea for an episode, we are sorry for what came out the other end.

Smelly Sewer Adventures

This week, Mike Ben and Katie find themselves up to their necks in it in a whiffy old sewer!

Marvel as they find hundreds of ways to describe poop!

Wonder at the plop related puns!

Gasp at the iTunes Explicit flag being tested to the limits!

Don't delay, subject yourself to this whirlwind of smelly sensations as quick as your ears can allow.

(Eagle eared listeners might notice this episode sounds a little tinnier than usual - sorry about that! We had a problem with the track recordings so had to fall back on our lower quality backup)

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