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Defeat Facebook, and Escape the Zuck!

This week, Dom, Anna and Laura find themselves at the behest of Mike's Mars Bar wielding Elon Musk.

In order to complete his total domination of social media, they'll need to infiltrate Facebook HQ and get the platform cancelled! But watch out for the Zuck's stinger!

Is it one of Mike's tightest puzzles? Possibly not. Did he have a lot of fun doing the voices? Yes he did.

Also Jamie cameo's in this episode in one of our most/least copyright infringing characters depending on if he's wearing a shirt. See if you can spot it.

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Escape The 2012 Olympics at Trafalgar Square

Laura and Dom find themselves back in 2012 during the London Olympics. They must find the missing Olympic Torch before the opening ceremony comes to Trafalgar Square!
  • Will Dom and Laura find the torch?
  • Does cleaning the place up help at all?
  • What on earth is a rampant lion doing in Trafalgar Square?
All of this, and much more in this weeks episode!

Escape the Railway Station.

Happy New Year!


We're back! Slightly older, slightly weirder, slightly drunker, but not slighter. We pickup where we left off with the team approaching an inoccent looking Railway Station, just in time to catch the last train home. If only they had enough money for tickets...

This episode features a new solver, Annekoos! (Honor-Coast without the "t" at the end"). She was sadly limited to a laptop mic, so apologies for the audio quality on her track, we'll get her setup properly in time for her next outing.

So without, further ado, lets get stuck in!

Escape the Oubliette!

In this Episode, Jamie takes Mike, Laura and Dom in to the Oubliette of a pop culture classic, where he confounds them with an infuriatingly well constructed puzzle.

Also, here's a few visual assets if you're following along at home. Ye gods how we wish we'd found them sooner!




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Escape The Post-it notes

Is this our shortest episode ever? It could well be - join Aled, Laura and Jamie as they storm through Dom's sneaky post-it production line puzzle.

Also Mike briefly shows up to say the hellos, and then pisses off downstairs for what he thought would be a lovely quiet beer.

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Escape the mysteriously hinged house

Ever had that dream? You know, the one where a giant four year old decides to play dressup with you after setting an arbitrary thirty minute Escape Timer? Yeah, me too. And now, so have Dom, Mike and Aled.

Will Mike make a good Baby? 

Will Dom ever sound happy on the inside? 

Will Aled leave Mike hanging? 

Tune in, find out!

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Escape the Customs Office

Welcome back from the TIERrifically good holiday!

This week join Anna, Chris, and Dom as they attempt to prove their innocence at the customs office!

What will Dom try to rub in his gums?

How does Chris forget his ability to get hot and sticky?

What does Anna have on her new t-shirt?

Some things you will never know! But for others you'll need to listen to this week's episode of The Infinite Escape Room!




Escape The Bridge Over Troubled Water

Unusually starting this episode with a PSA. The subject matter of this room hinges on a suicide attempt which some listeners might, understandably, not want to make light of in any way. While I hope we handle it sensitively, it may not be for everyone.

Hopefully helpfully, if this troubles you in a serious way, you may want to talk to someone about it.

The Samaritans offer a listening service that can be reached on the following numbers:

UK: 116 123

U.S: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)


This week the team find themselves locked in a self-driving Van with everything they posess and the ominous number 5.

Will Ben be able to pronounce his own name?

Will Anna murder another slug?

Will Jamie make it to his second Jab?

Would Dom make a good Poultergeist?

And finally, when Jon meets St Peter at the Pearly Gates, will he ever be forgiven for this...


Escape the Dog Hospital

It's not what you think. Also it's filled with utterly horrible puns.

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Escape the Pego Driving School

This week, the gang find themselves smaller and more plastic than normal, as they navigate a non intellectual property infringing Pego driving school.

Marvel as they struggle with basic driving manouvers!

Wonder as they keep forgetting there's a time limit!

Shiver as they uncover a new taxonomy of filth!

Also, the map! 155434251_181264010143689_4880923476779615102...

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Escape the post-covid-jab House Part 2

Continue listening to Alan, Aled, and Dom escape this mind boggling house!
Why on earth are there so many Scrabble tiles?
When is Uncle Bob's birthday?
Do any of the gang actually have an Uncle Bob?
And is that a return of the whimsical padlocks?
Part 2 of Escape The Post-Vaccination House awaits with answers, and more questions!

Escape the post-covid-jab House Part 1

This week listen to Alan, Aled, and Dom escape what is presumably their bedrooms...
They've all had their COVID vaccinations and wake up feeling groggy.

Why is Alan wearing brown, velcro brogues to bed?

Will you hear Aled sing the Welsh national anthem?

And is that a ballcock in Dom's pocket or is he just happy to see you?

Come one and all to listen to Part 1 of...Escape The Post-Vaccination House!

Heston’s Delicious Treachery Heist

It's our two year anniversary special! Heston Blumenthal's back, and the time travelling gastro-criminal has got a job for Anna, Dom, Chris, Ben Jon and Mike!

The gang will need to steal the crown jewels with little more than a wedding cake and a birthday card - while battling the mole in the midst...

So yeah - tuck in! We think it's one our most exciting episodes yet. Also, if you want to make our day, why not head join our Patreon, or hit us up on the Twitters or the Facebook?


Glassless chaps Ep4 - Ginger English Garden

In another Glassless Chaps, Dom shares a cheeky cocktail to cool you off as our roasting planet gently slips in to the surface of the sun.

When not sampling an occasional tipple, Dom illustrates at

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Escape the Rainy English Countryside

Hooo boy, did we record this episode in the fittingly pissing rain? Yes we did. I hope you like ASMR, and listening to the lengths we'll go to to maintain social distancing.

Join Anna, Laura and Dom as they escape Mike's totally accurate depiction of the English countryside!

Will they wicker the escape man?

Will they observe the country code?

Will there be enough pringles?

Tune in! Find out!


Also go check out if you haven't already. It sounds pretty cool.


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Glassless chaps Ep3 - Norrlands Guld

It's another cheeky bonus mini for your lovely earholes, you gorgeous people you. In this episode of Glassless Chaps, Dom shares his honeymoon period with Norrlunds Guld, and the dread discovery that followed it.


Dom's a pretty sweet illustrator by the way. You can check out his art and get in touch with him at


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Escape the Bowling Alley!

This week, Ben, Dom and Jamie find themselves trapped in Mike's under-laned bowling alley!


Ponder the fuel efficiency of chip fat!

Question Spongebob's sexuality!

Laugh at how small some people's  shoes are!

Also bowling. 

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Whoah escape the hippie van maaaan

Far out maaan, this week Mike, Alan and Bailey find themselves trapped in Dom's totally whacked out Hippie Van.

Will Alan forage some groovy threads?

Will Bailey get stumped by Dom's gnarly puzzule?

Will Mike run out of hippie related phrases to put in episode shownotes? And then spend a little while having fun making psychedelic soundscapes to accompany Dom's story bookends?

Tune in, and give those government agencies something really good to stick in their bong pipe things and smoke. Presumably.

Oh yeah, if you like the episode, we're now on Patreon! Why not check out our different TIER Tier rewards, and chuck us a squid if you like the podcast. You can also let us know what you think of the podcast, and where you'd like us to escape next via the Twitters, or at Facebook.




The Gavin Saga Episode 5 - The Wishing Well

This week Mike, Bailey, Alan find themselves stuck down Dom's broken wishing well!

Will Bailey solve a hard puzzle really quickly?

Will Mike then convince her she's wrong because of patriarchy?

Will Alan wish he'd got his wish in earlier?

Will everyone be shaking tiny bones out of their clothes for weeks?

Tune in! Find out! Also play along at home with this nifty mosaic:


Waft away from the Hot Air Balloon

This week, Laura, Anna and Mike escape from Dom's fiendish hot air balloon. Maybe they'll learn a some handy facts about them along the way, who can tell?

Maybe they'll stay on the balloon, and leave this cursed, doomed little island filled with wretchedness, drifting out to somewhere nice and Scandinavian? 

Assuming we haven't been rounded up by the Daily Mail's self appointed 'patriotic patrols' for eating pesto, you can Holla at us on the facebooks, or via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.

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