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Heston’s Time Travelling Turkey Twizzler Caper

This week Danny, Alan and Jon try and solve Mike's frightful Heston Blumenthal time travel Turkey Twizzler puzzle, all the while uncertain as to whether something else, some deep dreadful metatask is at foot.

Spoiler, there is - but there isn't - BUT THERE IS.

Will they find the pretty much accurate secret recipe? Or will they succumb so suspicion? TIFO!

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Escape blended pigs uterus at the Speakeasy

Escape cool Jazz, AND NOTHING ELSE at our hip and groovy speakeasy, presented by Mike.

Marvel as Danny, Katie and Jamie help make this one of our filthiest, most distracted introductions to date, before creaming through the puzzle like a Strawberry Glamshake going through a digestive system.

If you want to play along at home, here's a wee drinks menu:

  • Old fashioned £4.99
  • Singapore sling £6.21
  • Martini £2.25
  • Sex on the beach £7.45
  • Bramble £4.45
  • Strawberry Glamshake £1.00
  • Moscow mule £3.30
  • Long island iced tea £4.55
  • Mojito £3.05
  • Pina Colada £3.99

Also thanks for all the dinners mum, despite the courgettes.

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Escape the ultimate betrayal at Traitors Rest!

This week join Ben, Danny and Alan as they find themselves caught in Mike's Machiavellian scheme of treachery, betrayal, and some very unsubtle puzzles. Mike was revoltingly pleased with himself for this one.

Spoiler alert! If you want to be in on the joke from the beginning then read on...

This is the message Ben, Alan and Danny received before the recording:

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve got a cheeky request. For the recording tonight, you have a super secret mission. You are a saboteur, and it will be your role to stop the other two from escaping by solving the exit door puzzle. If the other two get you to admit to being a saboteur then the doll (which will make sense at the time) will get you, and you’ll be ejected from the recording and into the lobby until the others have escaped (or failed). To keep things fun, there will be one or two very subtle clues that something is afoot, but it’ll be up to the others to spot them.

If you want to play along with the puzzles, here's the plaques:

  • Benedict arnoldO
  • BrutusO
  • Scar from the lion kingU
  • Jamie LannisterIE
  • Guy FawkesEAE

And the dreamcatcher beads:

  • 3 TRST
  • 4 MKS
  • 1 D
  • 2 NT
  • 5 MSSG

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Escape Longleat Safari!

Don't let the title fool you. Jon does his best to be dark and creepy while the others consistently undermine him with gags about buttocks, scarecrows, and the many ways in which an abandoned car with a birds nest growing in it might no longer be road worthy. Oh and there's bodies. Lots of bodies.


This episode included a sound effect used under the Creative Commons License. The License can be found here. The sound effect can be found here. It was created by Aris621. Thanks Aris, it's a good 'un!

Escape The Pointless Chase…Cube

This week join Danny, Anna and Jon as they find themselves confronting Mike's terrifying creation of Mecha Richard Osman's deadly quiz show.

Massive thanks to Hill Burton for suggesting the quiz question puzzles for this episode - they're absolutely fiendish and it was great fun building a ridiculous episode around them.

Also you might notice that this episode has some iffy audio! Poor ol' Danny managed to goof on his audio settings and recorded his voice track with his webcam rather than his very posh and expensive microphone. Also our track backup solution (CraigBot) has been letting us down of late - so no backup. Whoopsiedoodles.

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Escape The Day Job

We are returned! And Normal Service has resumed. And by "normal" I mean a half dozen unbroadcastable outbursts followed by some light philosophy while locked in an Imaginary Fun Prison. Alone.

Poor Danny, Poor, Lonely, Danny.


EDIT: There was a technical issue with the end of this episode. I've fixed and reuploaded but you might need to refresh your feed/redownload for the fixed version to come through.

Zoinks! Escape the Wye Valley!

This week, join Bailey, Alan and Danny as they escape the harrowing Wye Valley. A camping trip, a great dane, an whole shitload full of rain. This episode has it all. And the crazy thing? It all actually happened.

If you're interested in your own real life end-of-the-world weather experience then check out Beeches Farm Campsite? The weather is always dire but the view is incredible.

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Escape something going horribly wrong

This week we join Danny, Jon, Ben and Alan as Mike takes them through a seamless transition in The Infinite Escape Room, where absolutely nothing goes wrong and everything is fine, and did you sign the waiver on the way in? You did? Brilliant. We'll just keep hold of those next of kin details for just in casies alright? The Infinite Escape Room is definitely safe and absolutely not slowly shearing apart at the seams.

Also you might wonder what it is the boys are referring to. Here's a wee collage of all the different images they received:


(you can download the image here)

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Escape (The) Village People

What could be worse than being confused for (The) Village People? Being (The) Village People of course, or half of them anyway. Join Mike, Ben and Danny as they try to remember their own names and appease their legion of bloodthirsty disco fans.


Will Mike make an Ass of You and Me?

Will Danny's U-bend every recover?

Will Ben ever look under his God Damned Hat!

And has Jon, once again, created a room that is impossible to actually solve.


Tune in, find out!


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Jon used a few (a lot!) visual assets in this show, you can find them below.

Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Felipe Rose, Victor Willis, Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley.
Ray Stephens, Felipe Rose, G. Jeff Olson, Mark Lee,  Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley
1978: Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Victor Willis, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley, Glenn Hughes.

Escape the vaccine testing facility

This is a goodun this one. I think you'll enjoy it. Join Danny, Alan and Jon as they escape the clinical confines of one of Pfizer/Biontech's finest and most evil testing centres.

Marvel as they 'murfff' their way out of tube purgatory!

Wonder as they catch up on popular figures of hate!

Feel superior as they ignore metal bars and forget what centrifuges are!

By the way - vaccines are great, and probably aren't going to let shadowy billionaires control your mind. They've already got the tabloids for that.

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Escape the RoomRoom

Happy new year! Or at least ... New Year! The world may still be teetering on the brink of collapse, but heck we're still publishing episodes so it can't all be bad right?

Join Mike, Chris, Jon and Bailey as they escape sneaky Danny's mind bending Roomyroomyroomroom!

Can you figure out the twist? We certainly can't...embarrassingly.

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Glassless chaps Ep4 - Guinness

It's another cheeky Glassless chaps mini, this time coming from your boy, sweet Danny Nicholls, sharing his love of the brown stuff with the creamy topper if you know what I mean wink wink.

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Escape the Fortune Tellers Tent

Aled, Chris, and Danny fall out of our DnD mini-series and back into a fortune tellers tent!?
Does Chris' frustration multiply?
Why is Danny feeling tingly?
Will Aled finally get a fast-food burger?
Tune into this special Patreon suggested episode and find out!
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Escape the Unhappily Married Prison

Have you ever asked yourself what sort of bread you'd be? You haven't!? Well, what better time then now, or, if not now, in the middle of an Escape Room. Against the clock.

And if that hasn't wet your whistle...

Will Ben finally accept that the week starts on Monday?
Will Mike baldly go where no man has gone before?
Will Danny be the sensible boi?
Will Jon ever write a puzzle that can actually be solved in the allotted time?

Tune in and find out!

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Escape the chamber of Horrifying Geometry

Tremble in fear as Mike, Ben and Jon are confronted with Danny's horrifying chamber of Geometry!

Shiver at the angles!

Shudder at the vertices!

Get a bit worried about adults who can't do 3d shapes...

Miss the obvious clues in this cheeky little image:

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Escape the archaeology dig!

This week, Mike, Katie and Danny escape from Jamie's fiendishly well informed archaeology dig!

Will they uncover lost roman treasures, or spend an alarming amount of the episode talking about poo?

Tune in to find out! In the meantime, here's some cheeky clues to get your whistles wet...

 31a74479-bf1d-4ff7-8e4f-81a1fb75d7a4.jpg note.jpg

 By the way, we're now on Patreon! Why not check out our different TIER Tier rewards, and chuck us a squid if you like the podcast. You can also let us know what you think of the podcast, and where you'd like us to escape next via the Twitters, or at Facebook.

Ecape the Infinite Wine Cellar

This week Tony takes Danny, Sam, and Ben into one of The Infinite Escape rooms many wine cellars!

What carnage will they make of wine names?

Will we find a more exotic phrase for the common "ingénue"?

And what do you call a microwave that doesn't heat things!?

As ever, Tune In to Find Out!


P.S. You may find the following wine list of use if you're playing along at home!


The Gavin Saga Finale - Like a Bun out of Hell

Bam! It's the last episode of the Gavin Saga! And boy oh boy is it a cracker! It's also an accidental Easter - yippee!

Tune in to find out how the gang handles big organs, divine the future, and foil the machinations of Rabbit Satan!

It's also the end of our new format pilot! We've had a blast with it, so we'll be sticking with it for the forseeable! We'll do a little retrospective on it soon so stay tuned for that.

Let us know what you've thought of the Gavin Saga, and our new format, on Facebook or Twitter (@TIER_podcast) :)

Also here's the picture we mention in the episode, it's really handy if you need to know the anatomy of a demonic bunny:

Investigating the maintenance tunnels

Oh sod, it looks like the Infinite Escape Room has gone and broken. Probably some sort of infinite GM resetting the wrong arduino, or some cack handed player breaking a lock.

Fortunately, Danny has a cheeky all in one escape experience for us, taking us through the incredibly meta tunnels of the Infinite Escape Room's maintenance ducts!

Will Mike marvel at the bum noise button?

Will Ben dispense train facts?

Will Katie's bottomless laugh find itself in peril?

Has Danny clearly listened to more past episodes than we expected?

Ha spoilers yes.

Escape the Impeachment!

No star spangled flags were harmed in the recording of this episode.

It's a cheeky all in one listener request! Can Danny, Jon, Bailey and Alan escape Donald Trump's impeachment, and in turn The Oval Office?

Well we know at least one of those people got away with it, cos the bugger was acquitted a day before we recorded! Blinking fliperooni

Features hitherto unknown levels of fuff, tuff and toss in a not quite circular room. Also features West Country Trump:


If you've got a belting idea then hit us up via the twitters @TIER_Podcast.


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