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Escape the Christmas Tailors

Merry Christmas TIER fans!
Join Aled, Chris, and Tony on this festive episode of The Infinite Escape Room
  • How much fondling can Chris partake in?

  • Can Aled brute force a high security IT system?
  • Will Tony find the answer that's right under his nose?
Tune into this yuletide banger to find out! 
The TIER crew wish you the very merriest of Christmases xxx

Escape the Customs Office

Welcome back from the TIERrifically good holiday!

This week join Anna, Chris, and Dom as they attempt to prove their innocence at the customs office!

What will Dom try to rub in his gums?

How does Chris forget his ability to get hot and sticky?

What does Anna have on her new t-shirt?

Some things you will never know! But for others you'll need to listen to this week's episode of The Infinite Escape Room!




Escape the mighty Jungle!

This week, Aled and Chris find themselves on the wrong side of everyone's favorite nonagenarian documentarian, David Attenborough - as Mike takes them through some 2000s indie goings on in the heart of the Congo basin.

Now something you should know, is that you're going to hear about this Gorilla called Clint. He's pretty cool, and he wears a cowboy hat. You might be interested to know what gestures he's making with his gorilla hands. They look a little like this:


The sequence is important. I hope you don't forget that. Chris and Aled did.

Also who remembers the Gorillaz?

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Escape the Arcade

Right in the arcade where we left off, join Aled as he attempts to find Chris and appease a pixelated old Viking in an old arcade game.
  • What will Aled do with a sack truck?

  • Can Chris compute Caesars' secret?
  • Will Ben have a punny name for the key...?
Tune in and play along! Just watch out for the explosive ending!

Escape Your New House

Mrs Toufrom's letter describes a loving life in a house where her husband had a mysterious incident with a shotgun. She's upset to be leaving the house, but is glad our solvers (Chris, Mike, and Tony) came along to enjoy it. She's especially please that they agreed to look after Gerald...
Is Mike correct that Gerald's a legally different lasagne eating cat?
Will Tony's allergies help the gang solve the puzzle?
Does Chris finally find one of Ben's puns amusing?
Listen in and find out!

Escape the Ransacked Writing Room

Everyone loves a cliff hanger. Last week left the team trapped in a Bus, surrounded by zombies. How will the story end?


Will Bailey reveal her real name?

Will Aled save Wales?

Will Chris be able to draw a circle?

Will you? (It's actually quite hard, try it now).



Tune in with your host Jon and find out!


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Escape the Shopping Mall

This week Aled, Chris, and Mike find themselves in a shopping mall - after hours of course! They just miss a familiar character who manages to help them out anyway.
What will Aled begrudge not doing earlier?
Does Chris' body paint actually help?
What will Mike put in his water pistol?
Time penalties, stacking blocks, and answers to the above can be found in this weeks episode!
P.S. Ben would like to send a huge thanks to Hill Burton for supplying some beer for the episode, and to apologise for how long it took to appear on the show - he inadvertently put into storage with much of his other belongings...

Escape the RoomRoom

Happy new year! Or at least ... New Year! The world may still be teetering on the brink of collapse, but heck we're still publishing episodes so it can't all be bad right?

Join Mike, Chris, Jon and Bailey as they escape sneaky Danny's mind bending Roomyroomyroomroom!

Can you figure out the twist? We certainly can't...embarrassingly.

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Escape the Escape Room!

Yes you read that right! Today Katie, Mike and Chris escape the most exotic Escape Room location of all. An actual Escape Room. We've come full circle. It don't get more meta than this!

Will Jon ever open his front door again?
Will Katie overcome her suspicion of holes?
Will Chris ever wash off the invisible ink?

Tune in, and find out!

Escape the Fortune Tellers Tent

Aled, Chris, and Danny fall out of our DnD mini-series and back into a fortune tellers tent!?
Does Chris' frustration multiply?
Why is Danny feeling tingly?
Will Aled finally get a fast-food burger?
Tune into this special Patreon suggested episode and find out!
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Heston’s Delicious Treachery Heist

It's our two year anniversary special! Heston Blumenthal's back, and the time travelling gastro-criminal has got a job for Anna, Dom, Chris, Ben Jon and Mike!

The gang will need to steal the crown jewels with little more than a wedding cake and a birthday card - while battling the mole in the midst...

So yeah - tuck in! We think it's one our most exciting episodes yet. Also, if you want to make our day, why not head join our Patreon, or hit us up on the Twitters or the Facebook?


Escape the Guts of the Experiment

This week Aled, Ben, and Joey squelch through one of Chris' puzzles.
What do those lines on the floor mean?
Why is there muscle relaxant?
And who made that smell!?
To find out the answers to these questions, any be left with many more questions: Tune in to The Infinite Escape Room!

Escape the Barn!

This week Chris, Jamie, and Sam find themselves on top of a barn!  How on earth did Ben wrangle them out from Robot-Hitler's V2 rocket!?

Listen as the gang go through the trials and tribulations of interacting with stuff in a barn.

Will Chris be tempted to rummage through poo?

Will Jamie get the metal detector working?

Does Sam's wish of driving a tractor come to fruition!?

And what on Earth is Lovage...?

Find out most of the above by tuning into this weeks episode of: The Infinite Escape Room!

Escape the Conspiracy filled Bunker

This week Ben, Chris, and Mike rummage around the robes of a man that Jon killed off.


An puzzle wrapped up in a bunker, wrapped up in a consiracy, wrapped up in a perfectly reasonable explanation thank you very much, guv'na!


P.S. If you like escape rooms, and we think you probably do, check out RECON - The Reality Escape Convention:


P.P.S.  Persons partaking in puzzling at ones personal pace will require the following visual clues:










Yes, we reminded Jon that we're an audio podcast!


And for anyone who's pod catching doesn't import the images, here re the links:

Escape the Mortuary

Aled, Chris, and Tony follow a robot called Merv to Ben's puzzle.

Who's shooting at them?

Why is there a space suite in a body fridge?

Any why on earth is the robot panting!?

Tune in and find out on the ever evolving The Infinite Escape Room!

P.s. Next episode we're joined by the folks who run Deadlocked Escape Rooms. Listen to the end of this episode for more info!

Escape the 100th Episode

To celebrate our 100th episode, Aled, Ben, Chris, Jon, and Mike take up the original format to bring you five celebratory puzzles.

How many of our gang copied puzzle from the back catalogue?

Who will turn a childhood game into a nightmare?

Why was there almost no cake?

Tune into to find out!


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Escape the Clock

This week Aled, Ben, and Tony find themselves in Chris' puzzling clockwork room.

Will our puzzlers get lost in time forever?  Or will they make time stand still?

Tune in to find out in the episode dubbed "The one that almost got canned"!  *

* Why?  Because:

  • Aled was asleep and we had to call him to get him on the recording
  • Tony's internet failed half an hour before recording, so we communicated with him over the phone
  • Chris has a new microphone setup which generated some buzzing (but he managed to solve it)
  • And lastly, when Aled hit record there was nothing showing on his recorder - then there was!  But in post we found that there was a terrible hiss on his track - Mike and I have cleaned it up as best we could.

The Gavin Saga Episode 3 - Survival Town

This week Aled, Bailey, and Chris are escaping Ben's puzzle based in a house in Survival Town during the 1955 "Operation Teapot".

What crazy transition will be concocted from the last puzzle?

Will our intrepid escapees figure out where they are?

And Gavin!?  What about Gavin!?

Tune In!  Find Out!

Come interact with us on Facebook or Twitter (@TIER_podcast)!  Or help out on the Wiki!

Jumping January - Get out of the Gym!

This week Mike, Danny and Chris find their wretched flabby frames flobbing in to the gym.

Will they be audibly swole?

Can they spin it to win it?

How do you cancel Audible membership?

Join us you hugsome lovesome folks, and find out!

Advent Calendar Countdown - The seventh day of avian distinctiveness

Tis the seventh day of our advent calendar countdown! If you've been following us since the start you may now have reached a similar realisation to us, flipping heck there's a lot of birds in the 12 days of Christmas...

Mike, Jon and Chris come together to ruin Jon's puzzle in this episode with their relentless logic!

You can always cheer Jon up via the twitters with love and kisses at TIER_podcast

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