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Escape Being Boris’ Aide

Laura, Mike, and Aled reporting for duty! Join our crack team of political put-it-righters as they advise the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on how to best navigate his blunders.
Email after email comes through to the team, will they be able to figure out how to log into the computer to read them
  • Does Mike spend all episode in the bat cave?
  • Will Aled ever make it out of the toilet?
  • Can Laura corral the other two into actually helping to solve the puzzle?
  • How close does Mike get to short-circuiting the puzzle?
For fun, fictional frolics, and some "mild ribbing" ->tune into this weeks episode!
Please note that while characters in this episode are real, many of the situations posed are works of fiction.

Escape The British Museum

This week the team find themselves in the bowels of The British Museum on a very inauspicious day. Mother's day. Also the day the world ends. Apparently.

Escape the Snakes & Ladders

Join Aled and Mike as they slide down into a huge game that it seems Christopher Robin created under his house!
How many times will Aled ask to hear the same thing?
  • Can Mike coerce over a Walkie-Talkie?

  • Which one of them will get to the end first?
  • Who is Titi?
Tune in, and find out!

Escape the Christmas Tailors

Merry Christmas TIER fans!
Join Aled, Chris, and Tony on this festive episode of The Infinite Escape Room
  • How much fondling can Chris partake in?

  • Can Aled brute force a high security IT system?
  • Will Tony find the answer that's right under his nose?
Tune into this yuletide banger to find out! 
The TIER crew wish you the very merriest of Christmases xxx

Escape the Observatory!

Let's bloody save Christmas!


Join Mike, Ben and Aled as they attempt to escape from Jamie's puzzle -  Sir Isaac Newton's observatory - in an attempt to bring both Christmas and Science back into the world.


Will Aled's double-strength drink of choice be his saving grace? Will Mike successfully investigate the shaft? And just what does Jamie have against Gogglebox, anyway?


If you want to play along, here's the map you'll need:

Observatory map

Escape The Present

And wouldn't we all like to do that from time to time?

This week the team find themselves trapped in an ancient building and guilty of a heinous act of vandalism involving a giant golden crucifix. Can they put the pieces back together again? Tune in, find out!

Escape the Hedge Maze

Join forces with Aled, Laura, and Mike as they loop through a hedge maze.

Who will be the first to claim to be stupid?

How much time will be lost trudging around?

Why is the end at the beginning?

GASP A maze zing!

Listen, weep with joy, and spare a thought for the poor folk having to live through the puns.  Tune in, find out, only on The Infinite Escape Room...





Escape The Post-it notes

Is this our shortest episode ever? It could well be - join Aled, Laura and Jamie as they storm through Dom's sneaky post-it production line puzzle.

Also Mike briefly shows up to say the hellos, and then pisses off downstairs for what he thought would be a lovely quiet beer.

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Escape the mysteriously hinged house

Ever had that dream? You know, the one where a giant four year old decides to play dressup with you after setting an arbitrary thirty minute Escape Timer? Yeah, me too. And now, so have Dom, Mike and Aled.

Will Mike make a good Baby? 

Will Dom ever sound happy on the inside? 

Will Aled leave Mike hanging? 

Tune in, find out!

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Escaping The Puzzleverse Inc.’s ISS Crisis

Hi folks, bit of a special one for you this week! We got contacted by the Puzzleverse Inc a few months back, wanting to know if we'd like to play and record one of their rooms. We said yes, and this was the result! We had an absolute blast, and our host Jayden was great. 

So bit of a departure this week, as you join Mike, Ben, Bailey, Tony, Aled and Laura in solving a crisis on the International Space Station!

We've done our best to describe what we're seeing on the stream and screen as we go, but heck - if you're just missing big group escape rooms this might provide some lovely soothing ambient audio to take you right back to them.

We'd heartily encourage you to check them out if you fancy a fun group escape experience. You can check out their games at

Escape the mighty Jungle!

This week, Aled and Chris find themselves on the wrong side of everyone's favorite nonagenarian documentarian, David Attenborough - as Mike takes them through some 2000s indie goings on in the heart of the Congo basin.

Now something you should know, is that you're going to hear about this Gorilla called Clint. He's pretty cool, and he wears a cowboy hat. You might be interested to know what gestures he's making with his gorilla hands. They look a little like this:


The sequence is important. I hope you don't forget that. Chris and Aled did.

Also who remembers the Gorillaz?

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Escape the Wedding!

This week Bailey, Aled and Jordan find themselves to be guests at a very lovely wedding. Join them as they:

  • Marvel at how nothing bad happens!
  • Ignore the German with the Luger and the blood of three men on his hands!
  • Wonder at the tasteful decorations!
  • Get their thinking caps on for the speeches!

Here's the Polaroid clue for your own viewing pleasure:


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PS - This episode is dedicated to marriage of Danny and Amy Nicholls, who put on a belting wedding and the first major social event any of us had experienced in 18 months. IT WAS GLORIOUS. Lots of love , Mike x

Escape The Car Crash

It's been suggested by some that my episodes are unecessarily bleak. To remedy this, I give you Escape The Car Crash, featuring Michael Buble.


Will Mike recover from being a Cyclist?

Will Jamie make a good Poultergeist?

Will Aled ever forgive me?


Tune in and find out.

Escape the Arcade

Right in the arcade where we left off, join Aled as he attempts to find Chris and appease a pixelated old Viking in an old arcade game.
  • What will Aled do with a sack truck?

  • Can Chris compute Caesars' secret?
  • Will Ben have a punny name for the key...?
Tune in and play along! Just watch out for the explosive ending!

Escape the Aquatic Shop

Join Aled on a solo adventure in a local aquatics shop that promises more that it first may seem!

What did Aled do to escape the hairy Viking?

Can he figure out the dark mystery behind the puzzle?

Where is everybody else!?

Listen in and and see if you can figure any of this out faster than Aled can!


P.S. you may find this handy dandy map somewhat handy:


Escape the Costume Shop

Join Laura, Aled, and Mike as they run down a road in high heels while being chased by gigantic drag queens! Deciding that high heels really aren't for running, they duck into a costume shop and (as if by magic) are greeted by the shop keeper.
  • What rootin' tootin' adventure will Aled take the gang on?
  • What mayday inducing clamour will Laura get involved with?
  • And what does Mike call a tipi with a front door?
Find out in this Mr Benn inspired episode!

Escape the Drag Race Dressing Room

After being nipped at the heels by a pack of slobbering hounds the gang found themselves in the shadow of shady bitches of a different kind...

They are backstage at a dragtastic Mama LaRu extravaganza ... but with the headline act storming off in true diva fashion and a drag-hungry audience between them and escape, what will the gang do?! Join Laura, Ben, and Aled as they escape backstage at the drag show! (With Bailey as their drag obsessed host!)

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, this escape room is large and in charge and will hopefully make your day MUCH BETTA! Ladies start your engines and may the best woman…ESCAPE!


Escape the Dog Hospital

It's not what you think. Also it's filled with utterly horrible puns.

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Escape the Ransacked Writing Room

Everyone loves a cliff hanger. Last week left the team trapped in a Bus, surrounded by zombies. How will the story end?


Will Bailey reveal her real name?

Will Aled save Wales?

Will Chris be able to draw a circle?

Will you? (It's actually quite hard, try it now).



Tune in with your host Jon and find out!


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Escape the M4 Service Station

Join Laura, Aled, and Alan as they try to escape a motorway service station!
On entering the station to relieve yourselves, a man comes running up to you. Before he is of much use "something" gets him! Watch out, because they are patrolling and will hinder you!
What accent gets mangled this week?
Who gets greased up?
Does anybody try to cheat?
Hopefully someone will stay calm and collected in this weeks The Infinite Escape Room!
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