The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Snakes & Ladders

Join Aled and Mike as they slide down into a huge game that it seems Christopher Robin created under his house!
How many times will Aled ask to hear the same thing?
  • Can Mike coerce over a Walkie-Talkie?

  • Which one of them will get to the end first?
  • Who is Titi?
Tune in, and find out!

Escape the Hundred Acre Wood!

Oh bother!

With Winnie the Pooh entering the public domain in 2022, Jamie takes Mike and Laura through a little stroll through the Hundred Acre Wood. Can they make it out before the House of Mouse comes a-stomping through the trees?

Cue a very sticky bed, a gratuitous Winnie the Pooh impression, and many BEEEEEES.

This one was a little shorter than expected -  Mike and Laura did incredibly well. Note to self: make puzzles harder when playing with sober solvers.


’Escape the murderer, choo choo!’ said Thomas

Thomas is a very helpful engine. Can he help the gang solve a grisly murder within his carriage innards?

Join Ben, Jamie and Bailey as they burn, kick, rob and molest their way through Mike's frightful puzzle.

If you're playing along at home, you'll need something from Rupert's carriage. Here it is:


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Escape the Railway Station.

Happy New Year!


We're back! Slightly older, slightly weirder, slightly drunker, but not slighter. We pickup where we left off with the team approaching an inoccent looking Railway Station, just in time to catch the last train home. If only they had enough money for tickets...

This episode features a new solver, Annekoos! (Honor-Coast without the "t" at the end"). She was sadly limited to a laptop mic, so apologies for the audio quality on her track, we'll get her setup properly in time for her next outing.

So without, further ado, lets get stuck in!

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