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The Christmas Advent Calendar Remix

Merry Christmas Folks!

Wowza, what a year it's been. as you'll hear from the intro to this one - 2021 has given us one last kicking on its way out. We've decided not to rush something out to fill the gap, and instead be a bit more forgiving with our Christmas break than we usually are. We do hope you understand.

Rather than leave the feed fallow, we've decided to remix our 2019 advent calendar special, with a bit of extra commentary betwixt the episodes, accidentally making this the longest episode to date. If you'd like something whittering in the background of your own Christmas celebrations, then maybe this will fit the bill for you.


We love you lots, and we'll see you next year on The Infinite Escape Room

Mike, Ben, Jon and Jamie

Escape the Christmas Tailors

Merry Christmas TIER fans!
Join Aled, Chris, and Tony on this festive episode of The Infinite Escape Room
  • How much fondling can Chris partake in?

  • Can Aled brute force a high security IT system?
  • Will Tony find the answer that's right under his nose?
Tune into this yuletide banger to find out! 
The TIER crew wish you the very merriest of Christmases xxx

Escape the Observatory!

Let's bloody save Christmas!


Join Mike, Ben and Aled as they attempt to escape from Jamie's puzzle -  Sir Isaac Newton's observatory - in an attempt to bring both Christmas and Science back into the world.


Will Aled's double-strength drink of choice be his saving grace? Will Mike successfully investigate the shaft? And just what does Jamie have against Gogglebox, anyway?


If you want to play along, here's the map you'll need:

Observatory map

Escape blended pigs uterus at the Speakeasy

Escape cool Jazz, AND NOTHING ELSE at our hip and groovy speakeasy, presented by Mike.

Marvel as Danny, Katie and Jamie help make this one of our filthiest, most distracted introductions to date, before creaming through the puzzle like a Strawberry Glamshake going through a digestive system.

If you want to play along at home, here's a wee drinks menu:

  • Old fashioned £4.99
  • Singapore sling £6.21
  • Martini £2.25
  • Sex on the beach £7.45
  • Bramble £4.45
  • Strawberry Glamshake £1.00
  • Moscow mule £3.30
  • Long island iced tea £4.55
  • Mojito £3.05
  • Pina Colada £3.99

Also thanks for all the dinners mum, despite the courgettes.

And as ever, if you enjoy the episode, why not chuck us a quid via Patreon, or hit us up on the Twitters or the Facebook.  We'll love you for it. Yes we will.

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