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2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP4

Almost the end of our mini-series, the holiday is drawing to a close...But not before Ben, Mike, and Jon face the final challenge from Jamie!
What monocle-esque fate befalls Jon?
Is Mike sober enough to speak coherently?
Why does Ben get chastised?
Please  join us as the holiday ends to see if we escape!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP3

It's into the last half of the holiday, and as everyone does we've become rather comfortable by this point. Jamie, Jon, and Mike go through Ben's  picnic hamper, what will they find inside?
What does Mike clamp between his thighs?
Who does Jon spy on the receipt?
Will anybody listen to Jamie?
Tune in to find out what dreadful puns Ben has in store!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP2

Join the TIER team for episode two of their holiday mini-series.  Follow Jamie, Jon, and Ben this week as we turn to Mike's lovely view out of a window.

Does Jamie have a stomach of steel?

What will Ben try with a small pump?

After everything that we've tried to censor in the past, what hill will Jon die on?

Questions, answers, and probably more questions are to be found in this episode of the TIER holiday special!

2021 TIER Holiday Special, EP1

It's July and the TIER gang are going on holibobs! But don't fear, we shan't leave you high and dry - you're going to get a four part mini-series!
This week, bask briefly in the sun before learning how our four presenters get locked into a beach hut. Jon leads the puzzling by putting us in a potentially explosive predicament.
  • Which one of us will wield the power of attraction?
  • Who can see the bigger picture?
  • Are any of us left flagging...?
Answers and yet more questions lie in this weeks episode of TIER!
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