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Escape the Aquatic Shop

Join Aled on a solo adventure in a local aquatics shop that promises more that it first may seem!

What did Aled do to escape the hairy Viking?

Can he figure out the dark mystery behind the puzzle?

Where is everybody else!?

Listen in and and see if you can figure any of this out faster than Aled can!


P.S. you may find this handy dandy map somewhat handy:


Zoinks! Escape the Wye Valley!

This week, join Bailey, Alan and Danny as they escape the harrowing Wye Valley. A camping trip, a great dane, an whole shitload full of rain. This episode has it all. And the crazy thing? It all actually happened.

If you're interested in your own real life end-of-the-world weather experience then check out Beeches Farm Campsite? The weather is always dire but the view is incredible.

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Escape The Bridge Over Troubled Water

Unusually starting this episode with a PSA. The subject matter of this room hinges on a suicide attempt which some listeners might, understandably, not want to make light of in any way. While I hope we handle it sensitively, it may not be for everyone.

Hopefully helpfully, if this troubles you in a serious way, you may want to talk to someone about it.

The Samaritans offer a listening service that can be reached on the following numbers:

UK: 116 123

U.S: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)


This week the team find themselves locked in a self-driving Van with everything they posess and the ominous number 5.

Will Ben be able to pronounce his own name?

Will Anna murder another slug?

Will Jamie make it to his second Jab?

Would Dom make a good Poultergeist?

And finally, when Jon meets St Peter at the Pearly Gates, will he ever be forgiven for this...


Escape Your New House

Mrs Toufrom's letter describes a loving life in a house where her husband had a mysterious incident with a shotgun. She's upset to be leaving the house, but is glad our solvers (Chris, Mike, and Tony) came along to enjoy it. She's especially please that they agreed to look after Gerald...
Is Mike correct that Gerald's a legally different lasagne eating cat?
Will Tony's allergies help the gang solve the puzzle?
Does Chris finally find one of Ben's puns amusing?
Listen in and find out!

Escape the ol’ switcheroo

This week, Ben, Jon and a mystery extra person find themselves in an unexpected role reversal.

  • Will they panic?
  • Will they remember what they were going to call their key?
  • Will Mike's laptop ever work again? (Sort of)

Join us, find out!

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