The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape something going horribly wrong

This week we join Danny, Jon, Ben and Alan as Mike takes them through a seamless transition in The Infinite Escape Room, where absolutely nothing goes wrong and everything is fine, and did you sign the waiver on the way in? You did? Brilliant. We'll just keep hold of those next of kin details for just in casies alright? The Infinite Escape Room is definitely safe and absolutely not slowly shearing apart at the seams.

Also you might wonder what it is the boys are referring to. Here's a wee collage of all the different images they received:


(you can download the image here)

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Escape (The) Village People

What could be worse than being confused for (The) Village People? Being (The) Village People of course, or half of them anyway. Join Mike, Ben and Danny as they try to remember their own names and appease their legion of bloodthirsty disco fans.


Will Mike make an Ass of You and Me?

Will Danny's U-bend every recover?

Will Ben ever look under his God Damned Hat!

And has Jon, once again, created a room that is impossible to actually solve.


Tune in, find out!


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Jon used a few (a lot!) visual assets in this show, you can find them below.

Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Felipe Rose, Victor Willis, Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley.
Ray Stephens, Felipe Rose, G. Jeff Olson, Mark Lee,  Glenn Hughes, Alex Briley
1978: Left to Right: Randy Jones, David Hodo, Victor Willis, Felipe Rose, Alex Briley, Glenn Hughes.

Escape the Costume Shop

Join Laura, Aled, and Mike as they run down a road in high heels while being chased by gigantic drag queens! Deciding that high heels really aren't for running, they duck into a costume shop and (as if by magic) are greeted by the shop keeper.
  • What rootin' tootin' adventure will Aled take the gang on?
  • What mayday inducing clamour will Laura get involved with?
  • And what does Mike call a tipi with a front door?
Find out in this Mr Benn inspired episode!

Escape the Drag Race Dressing Room

After being nipped at the heels by a pack of slobbering hounds the gang found themselves in the shadow of shady bitches of a different kind...

They are backstage at a dragtastic Mama LaRu extravaganza ... but with the headline act storming off in true diva fashion and a drag-hungry audience between them and escape, what will the gang do?! Join Laura, Ben, and Aled as they escape backstage at the drag show! (With Bailey as their drag obsessed host!)

No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, this escape room is large and in charge and will hopefully make your day MUCH BETTA! Ladies start your engines and may the best woman…ESCAPE!


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