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Escape The Love Coffin

This week Laura, Mike and Ben emerge safe and sound from their doomed plane, only to become trapped in Jon's unassuming church.

Why is the Church made of wood?

How did Laura become so good at flying twin-engined aircraft?

Will all those years of Welsh language schooling finally come in handy?

Tune in and find out!

Escape the smoke and mirrors

This week Aled leads Mike, Ben and Alan through a spooksome house of mirrors where not all is as it seems...

Where is the Fez Label?

Why does Window's bluetooth muck up every five minutes?

Can dogs feel ennui?

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Escape the Cabin

David and Lisa Spira from Room Escape Artist join Mike in trying to escape a cabin in the woods.

After escaping the barn by plane last week, the three find themselves running low on fuel.  Thankfully they've all be putting in extra hours of Kerbal Space Program and the landing on a dirt road is surprisingly painless.
Coming to a stop they find themselves outside of a cabin that happens to have a fuel pump.

Can they operate the fuel pump?

Will they get into the cabin?

How many Room Escape Artist references can Ben sneak in!?

Tune in and find out!

You may have noted that we've been advertising The Reality Escape Convention: RECON on the podcast over the past few weeks. 
We are really grateful to Lisa and David for taking time out of organising RECON to come on the show.

Registration for free tickets is now open, and the event takes place on 23rd & 24th August.  We talk about the conference in the first part of the show, but if you want to find out more checkout the links below!

RECON Website:

Room Escape Artist (REA) Website:

RECON Twitter Account: @RealEscapeCon

Facebook: Reality Escape Convention


Linkedin: Reality Escape Convention

Glassless chaps Ep4 - Ginger English Garden

In another Glassless Chaps, Dom shares a cheeky cocktail to cool you off as our roasting planet gently slips in to the surface of the sun.

When not sampling an occasional tipple, Dom illustrates at

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Escape the Barn!

This week Chris, Jamie, and Sam find themselves on top of a barn!  How on earth did Ben wrangle them out from Robot-Hitler's V2 rocket!?

Listen as the gang go through the trials and tribulations of interacting with stuff in a barn.

Will Chris be tempted to rummage through poo?

Will Jamie get the metal detector working?

Does Sam's wish of driving a tractor come to fruition!?

And what on Earth is Lovage...?

Find out most of the above by tuning into this weeks episode of: The Infinite Escape Room!

Escape the Rainy English Countryside

Hooo boy, did we record this episode in the fittingly pissing rain? Yes we did. I hope you like ASMR, and listening to the lengths we'll go to to maintain social distancing.

Join Anna, Laura and Dom as they escape Mike's totally accurate depiction of the English countryside!

Will they wicker the escape man?

Will they observe the country code?

Will there be enough pringles?

Tune in! Find out!


Also go check out if you haven't already. It sounds pretty cool.


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