The Infinite Escape Room

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Ecape the Infinite Wine Cellar

This week Tony takes Danny, Sam, and Ben into one of The Infinite Escape rooms many wine cellars!

What carnage will they make of wine names?

Will we find a more exotic phrase for the common "ingénue"?

And what do you call a microwave that doesn't heat things!?

As ever, Tune In to Find Out!


P.S. You may find the following wine list of use if you're playing along at home!


Escape the Infinite Lobbies

This week, Alan, Aled, and Bailey try to solve Ben's puzzles in a never ending chain of lobbies!  Well, it does end, that's how we've brought the episode to you!

Does Bailey work out how to pull a fisherman's finger?

Will Aled work out how to use the key?

And what will Alan's rummaging find?

Tune In and Find Out in this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

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P.P.S. You might like to take a look at they key Aled and the gang puzzled over: alphakey_b.jpg

The Gavin Saga Finale - Like a Bun out of Hell

Bam! It's the last episode of the Gavin Saga! And boy oh boy is it a cracker! It's also an accidental Easter - yippee!

Tune in to find out how the gang handles big organs, divine the future, and foil the machinations of Rabbit Satan!

It's also the end of our new format pilot! We've had a blast with it, so we'll be sticking with it for the forseeable! We'll do a little retrospective on it soon so stay tuned for that.

Let us know what you've thought of the Gavin Saga, and our new format, on Facebook or Twitter (@TIER_podcast) :)

Also here's the picture we mention in the episode, it's really handy if you need to know the anatomy of a demonic bunny:

The Gavin Saga Episode 5 - The Wishing Well

This week Mike, Bailey, Alan find themselves stuck down Dom's broken wishing well!

Will Bailey solve a hard puzzle really quickly?

Will Mike then convince her she's wrong because of patriarchy?

Will Alan wish he'd got his wish in earlier?

Will everyone be shaking tiny bones out of their clothes for weeks?

Tune in! Find out! Also play along at home with this nifty mosaic:


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