The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Royal Family

This week Aled, Jamie and Ben have had enough of pomp and circumstance and want to run away from their royal duties!

Will Ben and Jamie ever get to Lidl's?

What pictorial puzzlements await Aled and Ben in the gallery?

And will sticky end will become of Jamie and Aled?

Tune in to find out!

Jumping January - Get out of the Gym!

This week Mike, Danny and Chris find their wretched flabby frames flobbing in to the gym.

Will they be audibly swole?

Can they spin it to win it?

How do you cancel Audible membership?

Join us you hugsome lovesome folks, and find out!

Escape the Green Grocers

This week, Ben, Jon, and Mike find themselves trapped inside one of The Infinite Escape Rooms many green grocers!

Will Mike's nerves hold out in the cellar?

Will Ben tell porkies at the checkout?

What will Jon make of Mike's masthead?

Don't dis-pear for us!  We're not plum out of luck!  Listen in and hear us proclaim LETTUCE ESCAPE! 
We hope you agree it's a fruitful start to the year!

Escape The Meeples!

This week Harriet, Jack and Chris are trapped in the infinite escape rooms boardgame dimensions.

Will the dice roll in their favour?

Will they be mobbed by an army of meeples?

How does the island of catan manage its sheep problem?

Listen to find out!

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