The Infinite Escape Room
Échapper à la Tour Eiffel

Échapper à la Tour Eiffel

November 24, 2019

Bounjour! Parle vous le words I am speaking?

This week Ben, Chris and Aled find themselves escaping from internationally renowned girder phallus - The Eiffel Tower!

How convenient is a baguette and onion stall?

Are those men with flags stationed there all the time?

What mystical time will be read at the top of the tower?


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Escape Kim Jong-un’s Palace!

Escape Kim Jong-un’s Palace!

November 17, 2019

This week Mike, Ben and Danny find themselves trapped in the super humble palace of much beloved North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Bum.

Marvel in wonder as they investigate both of his religious holes!

Wonder in marvel as they bring the country to full technical and military superiority!

Munder in Warvel as they squeeze big balls of poo through the great leader's ring!

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Escape Grandma’s Living Room!

Escape Grandma’s Living Room!

November 10, 2019

'Remember the good old days, where escape rooms were free if you were a member of the RAF, and operated by German commandants?'

This week Mike and Jon are joined by special guest, Jamie from the Armchair Escapist as they escape Nana's living room.

Will they uncover Nana's secret past?

Will they decode the Budgie's letter to the Daily Mail?

Will they get to watch a Top Cat marathon on a black and white cathode telly?

For this, and a jolly interesting chat about goings on in the wonderful world of Escape Rooms, engage earholes and listen away! Also check out

Escape the Teenage Music Video!

Escape the Teenage Music Video!

November 3, 2019

This week, Ben, Mike, and Aled find themselves in the middle of a teenage pop video!

Will Aled read between the lines?

Will Ben collaborate on a hit new ditty?

And will Mike trust a chasmic cognitive leap?

Tune your podcast receiver to TIER and find out!