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Spooktober Special - Escape Dracula’s Scam!

This week, Mike Ben and Katie find themselves the victims of an elaborate and devious vampire based phone scam!

Will they go batty for three mysterious tubs?

Will their pumping be in vein?

Will Jamie Oliver, Vampire Hunter, hold the key to thier escape?

Prick up your ears, and then de-prick them enough to fit in some headphones, to find out! Also hit us up via the twitters @TIER_podcast. We don't bite, except when we're in a thrall state to our vampire overlords.

Escape the Wine Bar! For some reason!?

This week, Aled, Bailey, and Ben find themselves in a swanky wine bar!

Will a corking good time be had by all?

Will The Smooshing Song be Christmas #1?

And how the hell do you pronounce sommelier!?

Have a nose, pucker up, and bend your magnificent lug holes this way!


Escape the Stag Do! Ladsladslads

This week, Mike is joined by old school chums Sam and Hath in laddishly laddering Gavin the Mannequin's stag do.

Can a mannequin be sick in a zorb?

Can we up the seagull body count?

Can we make sense of the dog, the pump and the corpse?

To discover the answers to these elusive questions - attach your earholes to a listening device and pour away with the episode!

Thomas Cook Castaways Escape the Ocean

This week Mike, Jon and Tony accidentally talk about Brexit, before finding themselves cast adrift on a liquidated Thomas Cooke Cruise.

Will they debate the validity of beef dripping as a biofuel for the outboard motor?

Will the fishing kit help fend off burglars?

Does anyone know how flares work?

Will having two posh liberal Londoners on give our American listeners false expectations of how well spoken your standard English person is?

Tune in to find out! You fabulous people you.


P.S. - Credit to the BBC for the theme to Desert Island discs, which I really hope is out of copyright, the show having celebrated its 75th anniversary

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