The Infinite Escape Room
Escape budget clothing retailer - Mripark!

Escape budget clothing retailer - Mripark!

September 29, 2019

This week Ben, Aled, and Chris are trapped in budget clothing retailer: Mripark.

What adventures will they have in the changing rooms?

Will Jackie get her jackets sorted?

What will the manager make of Ben and Aled's tidy up operation?

As ever, tune your beautiful ears into this weeks show to find out!

Hescape the Helicoptererer

Hescape the Helicoptererer

September 22, 2019

This week Chris, Mike, and Ben are trapped high in the sky in a helicopter!

Will the hippie lovehearts get it back together?

Will they run out of dog fuel?

Will Ben escape being thrown overboard for spilling more puns!?

Adjust the trim of your lug holes this way to find out!

Cheeky Remastered Pilot Bonus - Escape the Greggs!

Cheeky Remastered Pilot Bonus - Escape the Greggs!

September 18, 2019

Cor you lucky people you. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we're republishing our pilot episode - but remastered, and with directors commentary! Well a waffle about production at the end - but you know what I mean.

Join Mike, Ben and Chris as they escape Greggs the bakers - in a show format they had only heard about four hours prior!

Also, why not get in touch via twitter or Facebook at TIER_Podcast? We sure do love hearing from folk.

TIER 1 Year Anniversary special!

TIER 1 Year Anniversary special!

September 15, 2019

Iiiiit's a very special week - it's our 1 year Anniversary!

We kick off with a chat about the first TIER year, the best bits and not best bits, and then bundle in for a 7 man extra special escape room!

Listen out for us re-publishing our pilot episode later in the week as well. And our new logo, designed by

Its been a smashing year, and we can't wait to show you the groovy biscuits we've got planned for the next one. 

Escape the Amazon Warehouse!

Escape the Amazon Warehouse!

September 8, 2019

This week, Chris leads fellow disgusting meatbags Ant and Jack on an outward trajectory through one of Jeff Bezos' finest consumerist Mills of human misery and reasonably priced HDMI cables.

Will Balexa try and flush them in to the void of space?

Will a box gain sentience and try to eat a roll of packing tape?

Will someone remember what a Cesar cipher is?

To find out, listen on! Or No, No, Yes. Whatever suits you really.

Escape the Frocester Beer Festival!

Escape the Frocester Beer Festival!

September 1, 2019

This week we're coming to you liiiiiiive from the Frocester beer festival!

It's an awesome annual festival, and we did a recording there because why the heck not eh? Its Mike, Ben and Aled on day two, hanging out of their bums and pulling an episode together regardless.

As promised, here's a link to St John's ambulance, and if you'd like to hear us reviewing the beers at the festival - you can listen to the nonsense we recorded at this SUPER SECRET HIDDEN EPISODE right here.