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Resign from Number 10 Downing Street!

Wait did we say resign? We meant escape! Ah same difference...

This week Mike, Ben and Aled find themselves trapped behind the sturdy gates of number 10 Downing Street!

Will the boys unearth a sinister not so secret secret in Mike's Puzzle?

Will Aled's puzzle facilitate a trip to Homebase to get a wallpaper steamer and some gloss swatches?

Will Ben's puzzle need the image in the shownotes below to play at home? And be laden with metaphor?

Tune in to find out!


Escape the haunted 1950s electricals shop!

This week, Mike, Ben and Tony find themselves spookily trapped in a haunted 1950's electricals shop!

Will Elvis die before anyone can solve Mike's puzzle?

Will Tony take us on a trip through TV memory lane?

Will Ben teach me the meaning of 'negative index'?

Tune in, should you be stout and brave and stalwart - and find out! Also features the head of Marilyn Munroe.

Sexy Wizards, Lizards and Tall Dwarves escape the Dragon’s Lair!

Don't worry, we've not come over all D&D! Except that Mike is now a level fifteen sex wizard with incredible hands and a burning beard, All four foot of Dom looks great in his high heels and cape, and Lizard Anna tries to nab the last of the beer from Dom's iron grip.

Can this mismatched band of merry adventurers escape the Dragon's Lair?

We know the answer, and you too can share in this powerful elder knowledge by listening on!

Also Dom got really in to drawing his notes for this episode, so we've included them here for your entertainment. Let us know how you feel about fantasy TIER on twitter @TIER_PODCAST


Ambulance self-discharge!


This week Mike, Katie and Ben find themselves roughed up in the back of an ambulance!

Will our hearts stop, our kidneys rock, and our ears hear 'thwip?'

Will the NHS still be there when we get to the hospital, or will BoJo have sold it to his grubby horrible mates?

Join us and find out!

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