The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Steam Train!

This week Mike, Chris, and Ben are lead through an oldie worldie steam train!

Will Chris display his excellent Dr Dolittle skills?

Will Mike have mascara running down his cheeks?

Will Ben confuse train terms and misinform Chris?

You know what to do! Tune in, listen, laugh along to, and share this week's episode of The Infinite Escape Room

Escape Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport?

This week Mike, Jon and Katie find themselves stuck in a Texas airport! And yes that is a real airport - Wikipedia told us so (citation needed).

Will Katie's puzzle be a MENSA level mystery?

Will Jon's puzzle put him on an international watch list?

Will Mike's puzzle accidentally involve nightmare inducing tellytubbies?

Who knows. Probably, maybe - yeah. All we know is that if you're listening in Texas, and your name in Brenna, and you kindly reached out to us with an idea for an episode, we are sorry for what came out the other end.

Escape the Chip factory

Escape The Chip Factory

Chips, Crisps? Whatever! This week, Aled, Ben, and Chris find themselves in the starchy mess of a chip factory!

Will Chris fit through the tubular pipes?

Will Ben lick sweet, sweet chip flavourings?

Will Aled be sober enough for a mind bending brain teaser!?

This, and more on todays Infinite Escape Room!

Escape the Punch and Judy show!

This week, Anna has Mike, Laura and Dom locked in the fun filled tent of a Punch and Judy show!

Is it behind them?

Where's Judy?

How does one calculate net puppet happiness?

Lend us your ear holes, and find out!

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