The Infinite Escape Room

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Get the hell out of…Hell

This week, Mike, Emma Bailey, Aled and Jon find themselves trapped in old Harry's inferno.

Will Emma ever wash her neck again?

Will Jon find the right satanic calculator?

Will Aled learn Latin as well as Welsh?

Will Hitler get his just desserts?

Descend unto the pit with us to find out!

Also hit us up at TIER_Podcast on twitter if you've got somewhere you'd like us to escape from.

Star Trek Special: Escape the Spooge Hoover

This week, Chris takes over the podcast to do an Infinite Escape Room Star Trek Special! Its an absolute belter - enjoy!

Marvel as our puzzlers go where no one has gone beforeā€¦ to the holodeck after Commander Riker has used it.

Can you clean the holodeck from biological contaminants? Are you smart enough to solve a visual puzzle on an audio podcast? Would you use a battering ram to get through a pile of tribbles? Whatever the answer you are sure to enjoy this extra special episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

An extra special thank you to Ben Harrison and Adam Pranica for lending their voices as special guest stars.


Michael Collins - Puzzler
Joe Gill - Puzzler
Jack Slinger - Puzzler

Ben Harrison - Lt Cmder Harrison
Adam Pranica - Lt Cmder Pranica
Catty Donnelly - Captain Picard
Melanie Hunt - Sasha

Escape the sitcom studio!

This week in The Infinite Escape Room, Ben, Chris, and Mike act up on various situational puzzle sets.

Do you remember more of how I met your mother than us?

Can you beat us to Woey's combination lock?

Will you share a bed with Chris!?

Beat us and feel great when you listen along to this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Solving the utilitarian escape room

This week, Mike and Aled fumble around a set of unthemed escape rooms.

Will they clean up in the bathroom?

Can they solve the mystery of the dead body?

If they figure out the code early, can they find where to put it?

Will they remember all of the required details!?

Listen in to find out and play along! Let us know if you beat them to the end via @tier_podcast on Twitter!

Smelly Sewer Adventures

This week, Mike Ben and Katie find themselves up to their necks in it in a whiffy old sewer!

Marvel as they find hundreds of ways to describe poop!

Wonder at the plop related puns!

Gasp at the iTunes Explicit flag being tested to the limits!

Don't delay, subject yourself to this whirlwind of smelly sensations as quick as your ears can allow.

(Eagle eared listeners might notice this episode sounds a little tinnier than usual - sorry about that! We had a problem with the track recordings so had to fall back on our lower quality backup)

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