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Escape the Eurovision dressing rooms…drunk!

This week, Mike, Emma, Alan and Laura have lots of drinks and work together to break out of the backstage area of Eurovision 2019. Yes we know we're a week late - we recorded it just beforehand so we could be extra high on those delightful Euro-pop fumes.

Will Alan finish his wood lathing?

Will Laura learn to keep well Away from Emma's wine?

Will Emma blow out Mike's eardrums?

Will Mike find a sweet de-reverb effect that cancels room echo while chopping a bit off the dynamic range?

Give us a listen and find out! Or alternatively Yes, yes, what who said that and yes.

Also hit us up at TIER_podcast on twitter. We'd love to hear from you.

Escape the playpen!

This week, Ben, Aled, and Mike are left to get along in an unattended in a playpen.

Will Aled spot the opener?

Will Mike get to play with balls?

Will Ben be sober enough to unwrap simple logic!?

Switch on your baby monitors and listen closely!

90’s kids escape from a lunchbox

This week Mike, Jon and Aled find themselves trapped in a totally blank escape room, with little more than a lunchbox to get them through.

Will Mike enjoy the joke on the penguin bar?

Will Jon lose his David Seaman top trump card in swaps and then run to teacher?

Will Aled learn a sick new trick on his Yomega Pro-Yo, impressing everyone with his ability to walk an invisible dog?

Tune in and find out!

Oh yeah hit us up on twitter at TIER_Podcast if you relate to these fresh references.


Escape the Millennium Falcon!

Happy May the 4th! To celebrate intergalactic Star Wars day - Mike, Ben and Chris bust their way out of the famously fast heap of junk, the Century Pigeon.

Will Ben wish he'd gone to see Solo?

Will Mike confuse chicken with grain and a K'lor'slug?

Will Chris lose a lot of star wars geek points along the way?

Tune in and find out!

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