The Infinite Escape Room

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Escape the Chocolate Factory!

This week, Mike, Dom and Aled find themselves up brown creek without a paddle, in Billy Bonka's legally distinct wonderful Chocolate Factory! 

Will Aled solve world hunger?

Will Dom become the generation defining chocolate rapper/wrapper?

Will Mike end up in questionable moral territory while considering Umpa Lumpa breeding particulars?

Will everyone have too much beer and wine before they start and get the giggles?

Listen in, and all shall be revealed!

The Office…again?

This week, Aled and Mike find themselves trapped in one of Ben's puzzles. But it all seems quite familiar

Will Mike remember what happened last week?

Will Aled break anything?

Will nobody call John's wife!?

Tune in and find out on this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

P.s. Sorry we're late getting this one up! It was the combination of the bank holiday, daylight savings, and the ever growing influence of the Illuminati.

The Office

This week, Ben, Aled, and Mike find themselves trapped in a generic office?

Will the first puzzle be overly obvious?

Will the second involve lost digits?

What will become of John...?

Tune in and find out on this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Exit the Brexit (Bus)

Are you sick of hearing about Brexit?

Do you wish someone would present the polarizing debate in a balanced and impartial way?

Have you ever heard a person drive themselves insane with anathematic google searches?

If you answered 'yes', 'no', 'maybe' or 'christ, not more f**king brexit' to any of the above, then you'll want to join Ben, Alan and Chris is solving Mike's all-in-one Brexit escape room!

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