The Infinite Escape Room

Heistakes, by Escapologic

March 4, 2019

21-23 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AQ

Reviewed by Anna Jordan


We visited Escapologic as part of a birthday party and as I had no part in the booking process I had no idea what to expect. The lobby had a screen that was helpfully looping teaser trailers for each room, so I was able to glean a bit more from that. Our room was titled ‘Heistakes’ and the trailer showed a lot of men running around with assault weapons and someone getting a painting smashed over their head, so naturally I was a bit apprehensive. It turns out we were a getaway crew tasked with breaking our colleagues-in-crime out of a bank.

The rooms stayed true to the theme throughout. I was particularly impressed with the way that clues were communicated via a team of hackers taking over various screens. It was a really nice touch and brought an element of humour to the experience.


This is where the experience fell slightly flat with me. A lot of the puzzles really depended on scouring the room to find objects, so it had the element of an Easter egg hunt. I found myself just clawing at things, hoping for keys to drop out and evidently a lot of other people had the same idea as some of the set decoration and puzzles themselves had apparently borne the brunt of it.

I personally enjoy the rush of solving a problem by thinking laterally and while there were a couple of puzzles vaguely like this, it didn’t really hold up against the other escape rooms I’ve tried so far.


The experience flowed at a decent pace. The puzzle complexity spiked in the middle and not at the finale – as a result we definitely tried to overcomplicate the final puzzle. However, we were treated to a full story with a fun conclusion at the end and nobody smashed a painting over my head.


The price decreases depending on the group size and it seems to cater to parties. So at roughly £17–20 a head it definitely lines up with the average price, however I have had better experiences for a lower price.


3/5 – As much as I really liked the set dressing and the surface details, I felt like the puzzles in this particular room suffered from a lack of imagination and some mechanical elements required a bit of TLC. However I would definitely go back to Escapologic to give a different room a try, their horror one, ‘Butcher’ in particular looks fun.