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Escape The Present

And wouldn't we all like to do that from time to time?

This week the team find themselves trapped in an ancient building and guilty of a heinous act of vandalism involving a giant golden crucifix. Can they put the pieces back together again? Tune in, find out!

Escape the Coal Mine

Join Bailey, Mike, and Tony as they delve into the depths of a coal mine, prodding and poking every nook and cranny.
  • What otherworldly creatures lurk for folk who don't have all of the information?
  • Why are there so many knickers down here?
  • Can our team work out how to get Trefor's motor going?
Get ready for some belly laughs, and slight peeks behind the production throughout - only on this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room!

Escape The Bath Bomb Shop

Sacré bleu!

This week's episode sees Ben and Laura attempt to make an explosive exit from the smelliest of prisons - a bath bomb shop!

Cue Jamie's ropey European accents, left socks and flavoursome soaps.


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And yes, Jamie does say "audio descriptions for the hard of hearing' at one point. And no, he didn't realise what he'd said until it was much, much too late.


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Escape the ultimate betrayal at Traitors Rest!

This week join Ben, Danny and Alan as they find themselves caught in Mike's Machiavellian scheme of treachery, betrayal, and some very unsubtle puzzles. Mike was revoltingly pleased with himself for this one.

Spoiler alert! If you want to be in on the joke from the beginning then read on...

This is the message Ben, Alan and Danny received before the recording:

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve got a cheeky request. For the recording tonight, you have a super secret mission. You are a saboteur, and it will be your role to stop the other two from escaping by solving the exit door puzzle. If the other two get you to admit to being a saboteur then the doll (which will make sense at the time) will get you, and you’ll be ejected from the recording and into the lobby until the others have escaped (or failed). To keep things fun, there will be one or two very subtle clues that something is afoot, but it’ll be up to the others to spot them.

If you want to play along with the puzzles, here's the plaques:

  • Benedict arnoldO
  • BrutusO
  • Scar from the lion kingU
  • Jamie LannisterIE
  • Guy FawkesEAE

And the dreamcatcher beads:

  • 3 TRST
  • 4 MKS
  • 1 D
  • 2 NT
  • 5 MSSG

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